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MEF's Services Interconnect Program is designed to help small wholesale Carrier Ethernet Operators increase their market share of the rapidly growing wholesale Ethernet services market while reducing the time to bring new services to market.

The program is available to small wholesale Operators that offer Carrier Ethernet E-Access and/or E-Transit services and have annual revenue of US$50 million or less. Key features of the program include operators being able to obtain MEF services certification, without becoming a MEF member, and gaining access to MEF marketing platforms, tools and training.

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Text List

“We are very pleased to be the first Canadian wholesale Carrier Ethernet Operator to participate in this new MEF program. It allows us to demonstrate to our major customers our commitment to offering standards-defined wholesale services and to streamline interconnection with us to deliver end-to-end Carrier Ethernet connectivity for locations across the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia region.“

Eric Morin, CTO, F6 Networks


Program Benefits

MEF Certification


Program participants can have their E-Access and E-Transit services certified with a cost effective model optimized for small wholesale Operators without becoming a MEF member. MEF certification strengthens an Operator's brand and demonstrates compliance with Ethernet standards, an important consideration for wholesale customer RFPs and ongoing customer quality requirements. CE 2.0 certified services have the same high branding value for all service providers, regardless of size or location. After certifying services, wholesale Operators and their certified services are included in the highly visible MEF Certification Registry.

Certification Requirements & Pricing

CE 2.0 certified equipment must be in use at the external interfaces of those E-Access and/ or E-Transit service(s) to be certified.

A MEF Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) must be the point of contact during the certification process and specifically at the time of testing. Certification fees are additional to the MEF Services Interconnect program fees. Certification pricing starts at US$5,000 for program participants. Detailed pricing information can be provided by Iometrix testing lab. All commercial engagements are directly between the certifying company and Iometrix. Contact Iometrix at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: The certification testing of E-Access services offered by Operators that are certifying within the framework of the MEF Services Interconnect program is the same as the certification testing of E-Access services for Service Providers certifying within the framework of MEF membership.

Inclusion in MEF Services Directory

MEF's Services Directory offers greater visibility for your Carrier Ethernet services among existing and prospective service provider customers. This directory contains detailed information about your wholesale Carrier Ethernet services. As part of the MEF's public site, the directory provides a highly visible profile for small Operators to their existing and potential service provider customers.

Industry Recognized MEF Program Logo

Program participants can use the exclusive MEF Services Interconnect Program logo on all of their marketing collateral to increase market awareness of their Ethernet wholesale services. This unique logo strengthens their brand by among existing and potential service provider customers.

Exclusive Program Content and Educational Activities

Program participants have exclusive access to the latest technical, operations and lifecycle services orchestration (LSO) work of the MEF membership in the area of wholesale Carrier Ethernet services. This information, which is generally restricted to MEF members, provides valuable intelligence to guide business and technical decisions.

Services Interconnect Program Wiki and Webinars

The MEF provides program participants unlimited corporate access to a Services Interconnect “wiki”, a valuable repository for materials, events and other program information. Additionally, periodic educational webinars will be held as industry developments arise. Access to the wiki and webinars provides a unique way to stay ahead of your competition by gaining valuable insight into the work of the MEF.