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MEFnet is the MEF-facilitated compute-storage-networking platform on which MEF Implementation projects are implemented. MEFnet enables development, testing, integration and showcasing of MEF reference implementations based on both Open Source and commercial closed source products.

MEFnet comprises both physical and virtual hosting environments for hardware and software elements of the Open Initiative projects. Software elements may be Open Source, closed source and/or commercial products.

MEFnet is amorphous, and includes geographically dispersed hosting environments that are owned and/or controlled by third parties (e.g. test labs, service provider networks, technology vendor labs).

MEFnet supports showcases and demonstrations, and provides a fully managed development, test and demonstration environment for MEF to execute against its Third Network vision, to meet the needs of its members and to enable collaboration with the extended stakeholder community.

MEFnet provides access to high availability, high performance OpenStack-based compute and storage facilities, with capacity currently for 40+ large VMs. Recommended software resources are made available to developers.

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