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The announcement of MEF 3.0 last week at the MEF17 event in Orlando was a great opportunity to look back, see what the MEF has achieved and to consider what we need to do to get MEF 3.0 adopted widely in the market.

It seems like aeons ago that Bob Metcalfe announced the launch of CE 2.0 on February 23 2012.

We’ve done a lot in the MEF in the 5 years since that industry milestone. For example, we bootstrapped the Service Operations Committee which went on to drive work on the standardization of operational aspects of Carrier Ethernet, like processes (MEF 50) and Ordering (MEF 57). These and related specs have in turn enabled the MEF to address operational aspects of delivering Carrier Ethernet services with its ground-breaking definitions work on Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO).

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