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Next Generation (Human) of Telecoms

The key question is - how large will the shortfall in skilled employees be in the telecoms sector across the globe in 2020 and beyond?

We're going to need people across the organization that understand how to

  1. Create and maintain programmable wide area networks (SDN)
  2. Deploy, orchestrate and maintain virtualized network functions side by side with existing physical network functions in the WAN (NFV)
  3. Orchestrate those programmable and virtualized networks to create end to end application aware/driven connectivity services across multiple domains and technologies (LSO)

Without those people, telecoms are just not going to be able to reorganize and deploy the types of automated, self-healing, secure and assured connectivity services upon which we are increasingly dependent.

One organization that is putting a dent in that shortfall is CSIR in South Africa. Over the last two weeks, CSIR hosted in their facilities near Pretoria 10 students and graduates, teaching them about SDN, NFV and LSO as part of a joint MEF-CSIR Hackathon event. Issa, Jeneva, Lanka, Lindokuhle, Mandisa, Mxolisi, Sekgoari, Sifiso, Themba and Yurisha from the Universities of LimpopoZululand and Kwa Zulu Natal not only followed a comprehensive curriculum put together by CSIR's Mduduzi Mudumbe and Sabelo Dlamini, but also did a practical project that will be contributed to the MEF and OpenDaylight. That project touches on LSO Presto, OpenDaylight Unmgr project and VPP.

The Mareka Institute at CSIR is mandated by the South African government to assist South African telecoms transform their existing infrastructure and operations/business systems to take advantage of new technologies and standards like LSO, NFV and SDN. In that way, the telecoms will be able to evolve and meet the needs of the rapidly emerging applications of the next decade.

MEF collaborated with CSIR on this event because this effort is part of MEF's vision of helping its 130+ service provider community to navigate the adoption of digital transformation and the MEF 3.0 framework.

Events like these also tie in closely with MEF's MEF Developer Community work as well as its latest professional certification, MEF Network Foundations (MEF-NF). 

By the way, students and graduates always look this happy after two weeks of intensively learning LSO, SDN and NFV...

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