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Requests for Test Reports are to be addressed directly to the service provider.

Test Reports provide full details of services tested and results of all test cases.

Service Provider Certification Registry

Equipment Vendor Certification Registry

Certified MEF Service Type MEF Service Commercial Name Certification Date Test Report ID
CE 2.0 Certified E-Line EPL E-Line 2015-06-26 CE2.0_373105_0615_E-Line
CE 2.0 Certified E-Line EVPL E-Line 2015-06-26 CE2.0_373105_0615_E-Line
CE 1.0 Certified 1.0 EPL MEF 9 Met-Net MAN 2006-04-25 MEF9_638640_0406_EPL
CE 1.0 Certified 1.0 EVPL MEF 9 Met-Net MAN 2006-04-25 MEF9_638650_0406_EVPL
CE 1.0 Certified 1.0 ELAN MEF 9 Met-Net MAN 2006-04-25 MEF9_638660_0406_ELAN