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IMTC is now part of MEF

MEF has transitioned all assets from and continues the ongoing work of IMTC, International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium.

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About IMTC Testing Events

IMTC Interoperability testing events bring together the best and brightest professionals to a neutral environment where companies can test their products with those of other vendors.
IMTC has sponsored over 30 successful interoperability testing events to date. The events provide an industry opportunity for IMTC members not only to test their products but also to improve the users experience and ensure its quality.
IMTC testing events validate the international multimedia standards and lead to the interoperability required for successful mobile media service development. Testing products in the development stage enables vendors to examine areas where different interpretations of standards may exist, and ensure the interoperability of products on the market.


The IMTC 3G/LTE is an annual industry-wide testing event designed to promote greater interoperability between multimedia communications systems. 3G/LTE brings together hundreds of developers and engineers from leading companies in multimedia communications for discussion and testing of new concepts and equipment. The events are held in venues across the globe and sponsored by member companies.

3G/LTE provides opportunities for intensive testing with many vendors and equipment in a real 3G network environment, which cannot be done in a virtual interoperability.
New protocols may be tested for the first time at 3G/LTE. Successful deployment of these protocols will allow for ever-present connectivity in corporate and carrier networks using equipment from multiple vendors.

Activity Group Interoperability Testing Events

IMTC Activity Groups each hold up to three face to face interoperability testing events annually. These events run from several days to week long sessions attended by 10-15 member companies. Hosted by participating Activity Group member companies, the events take place at their facilities in locations worldwide including Canada, The United States, Germany and Israel.

Events focus on testing of products to the latest multimedia specifications and standards such as 3GPP, H.324 and H.264/H264 SVC video codec. Testing to these specifications enables the launching of services based on advanced multimedia technologies.