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MEF 3.0 certification program for technology and service providers provides the ability to certify compliance to service functionality and performance as well as LSO Open API functionality. The program extends beyond Carrier Ethernet services to Optical, IP, SD-WAN and Layer 4-7 services such as Security as a service (SECaaS).

Building upon the global success of MEF’s Carrier Ethernet certification program, MEF 3.0 certification is based on relevant standards as described in the MEF 3.0 Certification Blueprint. This blueprint is updated on an ongoing basis as new APIs and accompanying specifications are published.

Certification Model Evolves to Reflect Agile Specification Development

MEF 3.0 Certification is delivered by MEF’s testing partner, Iometrix, on a revolutionary cloud-based virtualized test platform, which is licensed on an annual subscription basis, enabling subscribing companies to test new services and API releases, when they want, and as often as they want.

Benefits of MEF 3.0 Certification

There are a host of benefits to being MEF 3.0 certified including:

  • Unlimited testing and certification for any number of offered services during the subscription period.
  • Testing of the latest LSO APIs for orchestrated services.
  • Testing to 'harden' the service/product during the development phase.
  • Streamlining interconnect and interoperability of wholesale services for preferred status with Tier 1 service provider buyers to achieve faster time to revenue.
  • Leveraging MEF's certification brand to prove quality and value of product to customers.
  • Presence on the MEF Certification Registry providing global visibility for your certified solution and product.
  • Always use the latest version of test probe software and test manager.

MEF 3.0 CE certification is available as of November 2017. MEF 3.0 certification testing will evolve as the latest LSO-orchestrated services are introduced.

MEF 3.0 Certification Workflow

Step 1. Engagement

Discuss MEF 3.0 with MEF and Iometrix. Establish an account and subscription.

Step 2. Test

Access the portal and enter service parameters and launch tests.

Step 3. Validation

Submit test results for validation and receive certification and report.

Step 4. Publication

Have your certification listed in the new MEF 3.0 Certification Registry.

For more information on MEF 3.0 Certification, visit MEF.net/certification. To schedule a MEF 3.0 certification briefing, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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