With over 200 leading member companies, including 130 service providers, MEF is a California, USA registered 501 c (3) industry association that is the enabling force for the development and implementation of agile, assured and orchestrated Third Network services for the digital economy and the hyper-connected world. Third Network services are delivered over automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks globally powered by Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0), Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), SDN, and NFV.

CE 2.0 is MEF’s globally adopted services framework and the foundation for new services innovation. The current annual market for Carrier Ethernet products and services is approximately $80B.

The MEF is also facilitating industry neutral implementation environments for service orchestration (OpenLSO) and L2-L7 connectivity services (OpenCS) based on Open Source, SDN and NFV, as well as current commercial PNF products.

MEF’s Certification Programs, established for over 10 years have led to certification of compliance with MEF standards by the majority of the industry’s leading companies within the MEF membership.

Beyond certification, MEF provides a broad range of marketing capabilities that provide MEF member companies of all sizes in all geographic locations with unique, powerful and very cost-effective customer-networking and profile-raising opportunities.

Key benefits of membership for hardware and software solution providers include:

  • Advance visibility into relevant industry technical standards developments
  • Ability to influence standards to align with corporate objectives
  • As a key contributor, achieve thought leadership in front of MEF’s 130+ SP members
  • Achieve corporate and individual visibility and recognition via participation in MEF Marketing activities (e.g. webinars and seminars)
  • Leverage the MEF global community of peer contacts 
  • Get your products certified

MEF members include Tier 1,2 and 3 service providers (approx.130), hardware and OSS/orchestration software providers, test labs and test equipment and test software providers. In 2016 and 2017, considerable growth from SDN and NFV technology providers is expected as our work increasingly leverages these technologies.

Membership is geographically dispersed with approximately 50% from North America, 23% APAC, 21% EMEA and 6% CALA. Africa and CALA will lead the regional growth as emerging markets move to interconnect with the global community using standardized CE 2.0 services.

The MEF membership meets quarterly and, between meetings, projects are progressed via a collaborative wiki workspace and online meetings (MEF provisions GoTo Meeting for all projects). Quarterly meetings take place in January, April, July/August and October each year. They are 4 days in duration and take place in North America (x3) and Europe (x1) with typically 150-250 people attending - including leading subject matter experts.

Not only are these very important meetings for influencing MEF work, but also for networking informally with industry thought leaders, subject matter experts in all fields and customers (actual or potential) during our cocktail receptions, corridor meetings and evening dinners. https://www.mef.net/news-events/mef-quarterly-meetings

There is a single category of membership – Principal company membership with an annual fee of $17,250. There are no charges for quarterly meetings or LSO Hackathon participation. There is no limit on the number of participating individuals for a given member company.

See www.mef.net for more information and www.mef17.com for more information on MEF’s flagship MEF17 conference