Specifications Development

To date, MEF has published 55 specifications and related documents. CE 2.0 is a globally recognized and certifiable services framework that references many of these published documents, simplifying the development of vendor products, retail, wholesale business services and mobile backhaul service configurations. MEF’s work provides for full network-network interconnectivity enabling providers to deliver end-end SLAs and service automation, once orchestration capabilities are added. MEF’s latest specification is MEF 55 – the LSO Reference Architecture, a document that will be the guidepost for our MEF Open initiatives.

MEF Open Initiatives

OpenCS enables our member companies to develop reference implementations of MEF-defined L2-L7 connectivity services based on Open Source software and Open Spec hardware, SDN, NFV and traditional equipment.

OpenLSO is an ecosystem for aligning Open Source service orchestration solutions with the LSO Reference Architecture and the emerging MEF-defined LSO specifications.

MEF LSO Hackathons are accelerators and act as a focal point for the MEF OpenLSO and OpenCS work. They are heavily promoted and are growing quickly in popularity. https://wiki.mef.net/display/LH/MEF+LSO+Hackathon

MEFnet is the hosting environment for the hardware and software components of OpenLSO and OpenCS implementations. MEFnet is designed to be distributed among different test labs, and to be accessible for LSO Hackathons and ongoing MEF development and testing work. It is currently centered in South San Francisco at member company Iometrix’s facilities, and includes OpenCS instances comprising various vendor PNFs, as well as OpenDaylight, ONOS, XOS and Cloudify Open Source code. It is expected that MEFnet will be extended over the course of 2016 to include additional labs and setups in different parts of the globe.

With the 130+ service provider membership, contributors to MEF Open initiatives are well positioned to highlight their solutions and embed them into implementations that will be referenced and used by a broad section of the service provider market.

Certification Programs

Equipment, Services and LSO Certifications - CE 2.0 certification (95+ companies have CE 2.0 certification of their Carrier Ethernet services and equipment) is a very valuable brand demonstrating compliance with MEF specifications and through that, quality that customers can rely on. The MEF's Certification Registry is also a very valuable location for MEF members to highlight their certifications. https://www.mef.net/certification/services-certification-registry. Membership is required in order for your company to be certified.

In 2017, the MEF will be extending its Certifications Program to include LSO Certification starting with LSO Presto and LSO Sonata. Members will be directly involved in designing that program, as well as taking advantage of the resulting program for their own products.

Professional Certification – Called MEF-CECP, MEF has certified over 4,000 individuals in 76 countries and over 400 organizations in the technical fundamentals of Carrier Ethernet.  In 2017 the MEF will be introducing a new a new Professional Certification. Details forthcoming.

The MEF also has a professionals training partner program called MEF-ATP (MEF Accredited Training Providers) that forms the core solution for educating and delivering MEF certification exams.

Education and Marketing

With a proven track record, MEF prides itself on a having a very strong marketing program platform that is successfully used to promote the global adoption of our work. Much of the marketing work is executed by our globally distributed staff, with subject matter leadership and contributions by members.

MEF Bulletins - The MEF regularly sends email update bulletins to our member database, such as quarterly meeting project summaries and marketing participation opportunities.

Third Network News - Bringing together the topics of CE 2.0, LSO, SDN and NFV, this is the MEF's news site that is populated with MEF content such as articles, press releases and videos and automatically fed with news items based on MEF-designed filters. It is also a valuable site for posting articles (both original and those originating in the press after MEF briefings), again amplifying the achievements of the MEF membership. http://www.thirdnetworknews.com

MEF White Papers – Members are encouraged to propose and contribute to the development of widely downloaded white papers. Contributors are

MEF17 - MEF is please to host the MEF17 global networking event, 13-16 November 2017, at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando, Florida USA. With a target audience of 1,000+ attendees from 275+ companies and 35+ countries, MEF17 is the world’s premier networking opportunity for executives and other service and technology professionals committed to reshaping the communications landscape.

MEF Proof of Concepts – At the center of the MEF17 Networking Hall, the Proof of Concept Showcase offers an opportunity for service providers and network technology providers to spotlight innovations that promise to reshape the services & technology landscape.  The goal of the Proof of Concept (PoC) Showcase is to demonstrate the concepts brought forward by MEF's Third Network Vision, including the migration to orchestrated, on-demand connectivity and cloud services, LSO and Open API Development; and Open Initiatives & Industry Collaboration.  We expect at least 18 PoCs to be featured at MEF17.  http://mef17.com/index.php/proof-of-concept.

MEF Seminars - These are one half to one day events that can be sponsored with speaking/panel slots are available for MEF members. Content is the responsibility of the MEF but is influenced by the members, and the speakers, and company logos are shown at on the cover slide for each session. https://www.mef.net/news-events/mef-seminars

MEF Webinars - MEF uses the BrightTalk platform for both public and MEF-member only webinars on a range of topics. Members can initiate and present on webinars based on approval from the Marketing Committee. Audiences typically are over 200 (500+ registrations). https://www.mef.net/news-events/innovations-webinar-series

Other Industry Events - The MEF is invited to present at dozens of events each year with passes provided for free to the speakers. Speakers for the MEF are typically MEF members using MEF content on their own subject matter expertise and with their company logos on the title slide. This is a very valuable aspect of MEF membership providing MEF member companies with access to central industry events for free and in association with the MEF brand. https://www.mef.net/news-events/mef-events

Press Releases & Briefings - The MEF's longtime PR agency handles worldwide public relations, with ongoing communications with the press, often in local language. MEF regularly attends “NetEvents”, a special press event at which MEF conducts briefings to approximately 30 press and analysts. MEF member companies are encouraged to contribute to MEF PR by participating in interviews and articles,

The MEF regularly issues press releases that go out to both the MEF's database of around 12,000 individuals and also to a global press database. The MEF also creates select joint press releases for special stories initiated by our members. https://www.mef.net/news-events/press-releases & http://www.netevents.org