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Building Dynamic Third Network Services Powered By CE 2.0, LSO, SDN & NFV


London – May 17, 2016

Following the introduction of very successful seminars in 2015, we are excited to offer an expanded seminar program for 2016, with more cities, many new topical areas and content reflecting the significant evolution of the network services market experienced in 2015 and projected for 2016!

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) provides a framework for the development, delivery, and certification of state-of-the-art standardized services. Industry-wide, we continue to see robust growth for the global Carrier Ethernet services market, which analysts estimate will exceed $50 billion in 2016. Major service providers are expanding CE 2.0 coverage, improving end-to-end capabilities and SLAs for both on and off-net constructed services. Numerous small to medium size providers are joining the community of standardized CE 2.0 access service providers.

Concurrently, we are witnessing exciting activities related to the multi-year transformation of the CE market from a pre-defined connectivity model toward a software-driven model in which Third Network services provides a dynamic, cloud-like experience with user-directed control over network resources. This transition begins with CE 2.0 certified services as the foundation upon which to build dynamic connectivity services powered by LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration), SDN, and NFV.

Internally at MEF and together with SDOs and Open Source partners, numerous new works are underway to achieve our Third Network goals. Many of these and other industry developments were recently debated and demonstrated at MEF's flagship GEN15 event, with 35 countries and 250+ organizations participating. The MEF Seminars 2016: Building Dynamic Third Network Services Powered By CE 2.0, LSO, SDN & NFV are regional micro-events that brings leading subject matter experts to locations around the globe to educate participants on industry trends and developments. Emphasis is on the preparation that service providers should consider to establish a solid CE 2.0 platform in support of new value-added innovations.



Tuesday, May 17, 2016 – 9:00 – 16:15


Session Title



9:00 Registration Opens    
10:00 Opening Remarks Welcome, Objectives and Agenda Overview Johan Witters
MEF EMEA Marketing co-chair &
IP Business Development
10:10 MEF Strategy and Market Trends
  • Overview of the work of the MEF including:
    • Carrier Ethernet 2.0 is the foundation for service innovation
    • LSO is the critical enabler of automated & virtualized networks built with SDN & NFV
    • Layer 3 IP & higher layer service definitions
    • Open source initiatives
    • Expanded certification program
  • Introduction to strategic MEF industry-wide activities
    • UNITE and the SDOs
    • Ethernet Interconnect Points
    • MEF Services Interconnect Program
    • MEF Certified Professionals
  • Overview of the global market for CE 2.0 services - trends, growth opportunities, globalization initiatives
Johan Witters
MEF EMEA Marketing co-chair &
IP Business Development
10:40 Multi-Operator Service Delivery: From Months to Minutes...

The MEF is focused on enabling dynamic network services for the digital economy and the hyper-connected world, providing businesses an on-demand, cloud-connected, secure, and assured experience.

This presentation will explain how LSO is the critical enabler of automated and virtualized networks built with SDN and NFV. Currently, Service Providers need LSO capabilities and supporting APIs to overcome the OSS and BSS obstacles that prevent them from realizing the full benefits of emerging SDN and NFV technologies. LSO encompasses all network domains that require coordinated inter-operator end-to-end management and control to deliver on-demand cloud connectivity services and to assure their overall quality and security as expressed in the Service Provider SLA.
Hayim Porat
ECI Telecom
11:10 MEF's Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Reference Architecture and Framework The LSO Reference Architecture and Framework defines the management and control layered reference architecture and the framework that characterizes the domains and management entities required to enable cooperative LSO capabilities for connectivity services. The framework also provides high level use cases describing orchestrated connectivity service behavior as well as interactions among management and control entities. The management and control reference points that characterize interactions between LSO management ecosystem components are identified in the framework. This session will provide the definition of LSO, its related information and APIs and how SDOs and Open Source projects are collaborating to make Third Network Services a reality. Mustapha Mahiaoui
Service Solutions Designer
11:40 Break
11:55 Capturing the Wholesale Ethernet Interconnect Market with CE 2.0 Services

Widely deployed CE 2.0 networking fabrics are the foundation upon which to build Third Network services. While expanding upon extensive specifications, operational frameworks, and CE 2.0 certification programs, the MEF is also advancing important initiatives like the Ethernet Interconnect Points (EIP) Project and MEF Services Interconnect (MEF-SI) Program that streamline deployment of fully-featured interconnections between different service providers to maximize coverage of Third Network-ready infrastructure.

This session will cover the global deployment trends and services development initiatives with regards to CE 2.0 Service Lifecycle Process model with new specifications, implementation guides and certification programs. It will cover the different CE 2.0 service types, functionalities and attributes. Finally, it will present the E-Transit and OVC Services as the new Wholesale Ethernet game-changer.
Gary Williams
MEF EMEA marketing co-chair
Business Development
Microsemi & Carrier Ethernet Academy
12:20 Interactive Discussion Panel - CE 2.0 Services in EMEA; Retail & Wholesale Growth Opportunities This panel will discuss CE 2.0 services in the region and growth opportunities. This session will be an interactive discussion where the attendees will be polled and have the opportunity to pose questions to panelists.


Adam Turner
MEF UK country co-chair & Head of Marketing
Net2Edge Limited


Rohan Peterpillai
Pre-Sales Consultant

Steven Paterson
International Presales Architect
Liquid Telecom

Mark Bennett
Head of Global Fixed Connectivity Products,

Mark Daley
Director of Corporate Strategy and Products,

13:00 Lunch
14:00 MEF Certification Update New developments in MEF professionals, services and equipment certification programs Isabelle Morency
Head of Engineering and Standards
14:25 TMForum and MEF collaboration TM Forum presentation on collaboration between the two organization on API mappings and the implications for standardized automated wholesale service serviceability, ordering, and performance reporting between Service Providers and Operators. Dave Milham
Chief Architect
TM Forum
14:50 Third Network Use Cases

This session will showcase different Third Network centric PoCs relating to CE 2.0 and Third Network services.

Different Industry Proof of Concept (PoC) have demonstrated a simplified user experience via a self-ordering portal for complex Carrier Ethernet services with zero-touch orchestration and full integration of critical business and operation processes. These PoCs were demonstrating these functionalities across hybrid network with both physical and virtualized (NFV) infrastructure, including virtualized customer premise equipment (vCPEs). How far are we from offering these capabilities over a multi-operator architecture?
Abel Tong
Sr. Director of Solutions Marketing
15:15 Orchestrated Network Services with LSO, SDN and NFV

As Service Providers accelerate the deployment of dynamic services, automation that spans multiple Operator domains becomes mandatory to achieve scalability that includes off-net locations. This automation depends on standardization of Information Models, Operational Threads and Interface Profiles based on real-world use cases and Service Provider implementation strategies. This presentation explains how MEF builds these use cases - including serviceability, ordering, performance reporting, resource provisioning and many others - based on Service Provider expertise and integrates them using the latest modeling approaches to define the processes and APIs that Service Providers and Operators can use to interconnect in a fully automated fashion.

This is an essential introduction for anyone that is involved in transitioning Service Providers to a position of service delivery within minutes, rather than months, using partner networks.
Kevin Brackpool
Technical Strategist and Architect
15:40 Interactive Discussion Panel - Multi-operator services

Multi-operator services: The immediate market opportunities enabled by orchestration

This panel will discuss multi-operator services and the immediate market opportunities enabled by orchestration. This session will be an interactive discussion where the attendees will be polled and have the opportunity to pose questions to panelists.


Daniel Bar-Lev
Director Certification and Strategic Programs


Abel Tong
Sr. Director of Solutions Marketing

Claudio Scola
Director of Product Marketing, Global Network Services
Level 3 Communications

Gary Williams
MEF EMEA marketing co-chair
Business Development
Microsemi & Carrier Ethernet Academy

Mark Porter
Regional Sales Director

16:20 Closing Remarks and Questions   Gary Williams
MEF EMEA marketing co-chair
Business Development
Microsemi & Carrier Ethernet Academy
16:30 Close   Gary Williams
MEF EMEA marketing co-chair
Business Development
Microsemi & Carrier Ethernet Academy




MEF Third Network Vision White Paper
MEF Third Network Lifecycle Service Orchestration Vision White Paper
MEF Services Interconnect Program Brochure
Opening Remarks, presented by Johan Witters
MEF Strategy and Market Trends, presented by Johan Witters
Multi-Operator Service Delivery: From Months to Minutes, presented by Hayim Porat
MEF's Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Reference Architecture and Framework, presented by Mustapha Mahiaoui
Capturing the Wholesale Ethernet Interconnect Market with CE 2.0 Services, presented by Gary Williams
CE 2.0 Services in EMEA; Retail & Wholesale Growth Opportunities, moderated by Adam Turner
MEF Certification Update, presented by Isabelle Morency
TMForum and MEF collaboration, presented by Dave Milham
Third Network Use Cases, presented by Abel Tong
Orchestrated Network Services with LSO, SDN and NFV, presented by Kevin Brackpool
Multi-operator services, moderated by Daniel Bar-Lev
Closing Remarks and Questions, presented by Gary Williams



New Dynamic & Assured Third Network Services Powered By LSO
MEF Third Network Vision Based on Network as a Service Principles
MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration – Enabling Third Network Services
Differentiating Your Wholesale Ethernet Services in a Changing Market
Mastering the Paradigm Shift - New Professional Certification from the MEF



Embracing the Third Network - with Nan Chen, MEF President
Defining LSO, SDN & NFV - with Axel Clauberg, Deutsche Telekom AG
Defining LSO, SDN & NFV - with Jack Pugaczewshi, CenturyLink
Lance Hassan, Time Warner Comminications, speaks on MEF Professional Certification


Daniel Bar-Lev
Director of Certification & Strategic Programs, MEF

Since 2011, Daniel has been responsible for developing and expanding the MEF's very successful CE 2.0 Services and Equipment certification programs and the MEF-CECP Professionals Certification program. He oversees all aspects of the programs including new item development, development of new infrastructure capabilities, publication of reference materials, exam delivery, MEF Accredited Training Providers and MEF Subject Matter Experts. During his tenure, the MEF-CECP Community has grown from zero to over 3,200 certified professionals in 72 countries and 350 organizations, as well as the CE 2.0 certification program that has grown from zero to over 90 certified service providers and equipment vendors around the globe.

In addition, Daniel works with the membership on developing and rolling out strategic programs such as UNITE, the MEF Services Interconnect program and the Ethernet Internet Points project, as well as leading the requirements and development program of the MEF's online CRM and collaboration platforms based on SalesForce and Atlassian Confluence.

Daniel has been involved specifically in the networking industry for over 20 years holding a variety of positions in RAD Data Communications, as well as co-founding Resolute Networks where he held executive positions and which he represented in the MEF, serving for 3 years as Global Marketing Co-Chair and being elected three times to the MEF Board of Directors.

Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett
Head of Fixed Connectivity Products, Vodafone

Mark Bennett joined Vodafone in 2012 and is accountable for a portfolio of fixed connectivity products which are sold through Vodafone Global Enterprise and local market operating companies.

Prior to joining Vodafone, Mark held senior product management roles in Cable and Wireless Worldwide, where he was responsible for IP-VPN MPLS and Internet products as well as UK access network strategy. Also, at THUS the mid-market division of Cable and Wireless, where he headed up the Data Products Portfolio.

Mark has previously worked for several UK communications organisations including BT and Energis. He has an MBA from Henley Management College.

Kevin Brackpool

Kevin Brackpool
Technical Strategist and Architect, Vodafone

Kevin is a Principal Engineer within Vodafone’s technical experts community and works in the Network Virtualisation Centre of Excellence team in Vodafone Group. He has an extensive knowledge of networking technologies based on over 30 years’ experience and has most recently been working on network virtualisation and orchestration systems. Kevin holds a BSc Honours degree in Mathematics.

Mark Daley

Mark Daley
Director of Corporate Strategy and Development, Epsilon Telecommunications

Mark Daley is the Director of Corporate Strategy and Development at Epsilon Telecommunications. Mark plays a leading role in identifying and developing Epsilons cutting edge cloud and communication strategies, with a focus on market and customer needs.

Mark is a veteran Telecommunication professional and served 14 years with Telstra, has held executive Marketing positions at several high profile Telecommunication companies such as NTT and eircom and was responsible for Marketing and Service Line strategy at Cap Gemini TMN UK. Mark has had various speaking roles including delivering new technology messages such as WebRTC to audiences as diverse as ITSPA, AWS and to GSMA members.

Mark has had various industry roles including representing the Roaming Financial Clearing industry on the GSMA Associate Members Reference Group and the Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum.

Mustapha Mahiaoui
Service Solutions Designer, Vodafone

Mustapha is a Lead Service Design Architect within Vodafone's Group Enterprise organisation and works on key Product Development and Business Transformation programmes for the Vodafone WAN's strategic portfolio. He has a strong knowledge of fixed connectivity solutions with over 10 years’ experience in different roles. He has most recently been working on the Vodafone Global Ethernet and SDN/NFV programmes. Mustapha holds a BEng. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and also a Master's Degree in Telecommunications Technology.”

Dave Milham
Chief Architect, TM Forum

Dave, a TM Forum Distinguished Fellow, is the Chief Architect and currently focused on the ZOOM Zero-touch Orchestration Operations and Management program. It addresses management and operations of virtualized services – the vision is seamless operations in a virtualised world with zero touch service provisioning support for digital service applications,NFV/SDN and the Internet of Things.

After a 36 years career BT, in multiple development and operational roles, he worked in BT’s CTO office on rapid service delivery, and represented BT at ITU, ETSI TISPAN, UK NICC B2B standards, 3GPP and the TM Forum; where he contributed to numerous TM Forum teams: eTOM, SPLC, SES, etc. He graduated from Imperial College, London with a BSc in Electrical Engineering, and an MSc in telecommunications engineering from Essex University, He is a Member of the IET.

Isabelle Morency
Head of Engineering and Standards, Iometrix

Isabelle is Head of Engineering and Standards at Iometrix.

She has over 15 years of experience in the networking industry with a strong focus on equipment and services certification testing programs. Heavily involved with the MEF since 2005, she has authored seven MEF specifications, led the CE 2.0 technical work and is currently developing the first MEF LSO Iterative Test Suite.

Isabelle holds a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering and has completed postgraduate studies in Business and Administration.

Steven Paterson
International Solutions Architect, Liquid Telecom

Steven Paterson has worked extensively in both European and African Carrier Services Markets.

In a career spanning over a decade and a half,  he has an extensive certification in Networking and Systems Engineering fields of discipline.  He has worked for IBM, Level 3 Communications, VPLS Specialists Exponential-E and now at Liquid Telecom. He has helped to lead adoption of MEF standards and services within Liquid Telecom and continues to support sales across all verticals in Enterprise and Carrier markets.

He continues to travel extensively in Africa in support of business for Liquid Telecom.

Rohan Peterpillai
Pre-Sales Consultant, InfoVista

With more than 15 years of industry experience in service and performance assurance for communications service providers (CSPs), Rohan has advocated assurance best practices for several large European global telecommunications firms. Supporting critical network projects through various OSS transformations and product launches, Rohan ensures maximum monetisation of CSP’s business services offerings. Most recently, Rohan has been focusing on advanced business services that help CSPs move up the stack into the application layer to empower their enterprise customers and enhance the value of their business services. Rohan is based in London and carries a BEng. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Imperial College, London.

Hayim Porat

Hayim Porat is the CTO at ECI where he heads the innovation center. He is responsible for the development and design of the company's forward-looking technology strategy which includes: SDN/NFV, big data, security and cloud services. Prior to ECI, Mr. Porat shepherded the research of cloud and SDN technologies for various international organizations. He served as the Chief Cloud IaaS and SDN Architect at Toga Networks and consulted on the same to others. Mr. Porat was the founder and CTO of Ethos Networks, a pioneer in centralized control of telecom metro Ethernet networks which was sold to Tejas Networks in 2010. Following the acquisition, he worked as the principal architect at Tejas. Mr. Porat holds multiple telecommunications patents and certifications and several of his works have been published. He earned a BSc. for Electronics Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Mark Porter

Mark Porter
Sales Director, Northern Europe, CENX

Mark is CENX’s Sales Director for Northern Europe, bringing over 25 years of experience in the technology and communications industry. With his extensive experience in solution sales, coupled with his strong technical knowledge, Mark has demonstrated success in selling complex software solutions to mobile, wireline, and cloud data service providers. Over the course of his business development career, Mark has gained experience working across the telecom industry through his time with France Telecom, HP, Ericsson, Wipro, and most recently with game-changing start-up CENX. Bilingual in English and French, Mark holds an M.Sc. in Electromechanical Engineering from Cranfield University, an Engineering degree from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne, and a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Gloucestershire.

Claudio Scola
Director, Product Marketing, Global Network Services, Level 3 Communications

Claudio Scola is Director of Product Marketing, Global Network Services for Level 3 Communications. He is based in London. Claudio has global responsibility and oversight for the marketing and positioning of Level 3’s network services. Since joining Level 3 in 2013, he has focused on the possibilities that SDN and Cloud bring to Enterprise networking. Prior to joining Level 3, Claudio held a number of Product Marketing/Management positions at various companies specialising in WAN technologies.

Abel Tong
Sr. Director of Marketing, Ciena

Abel is Senior Director of Marketing at Ciena. Abel is responsible for helping network operators transform their networks by applying packet-optical transport platforms, simplifying their operations and leveraging Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to create new services and deliver higher-order value. Abel has over 15 years of networking and telecommunications systems experience. Abel is also a long-time contributor to MEF. At MEF, Abel is Co-Chair of the SDN Working Group and a member of the Marketing Leadership Council. Abel is also a member of OpenCloud Connect, Open Daylight, and the Open Networking Foundation (ONF).



Hilton London Canary Wharf
E14 9SH
United Kingdom


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