2011 Leadership and Service Award Recipients

2011 Leadership Award

IMTC Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony, November 2-3, 2011, San Ramon, CA

  • Stephen L. Casner, Packet Design, Inc.
    The Leadership Award honored Stephen L. Casner of Packet Design for his leadership in the creation of the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and his contributions to the multimedia industry. Stephen L. Casner has long career in IETF work and his contributions and his pioneering work to develop RTP led to the creation of not only the first, but the only real time transport mechanisms for audio and video over IP in practical use. RTP is an integral part of widely deployed multimedia communications standards such as SIP and H.323, and the media transport of VoIP. He was the Chairman of the Audio Video Transport Working Group (AVT) from its very first meeting in 1992 until 2003 when the last revision of RTP was published as RFC 3550. Shortly thereafter, the same revision was approved as full IETF standard-a designation it shares with less than 100 other RFCs, including such prominent examples as IP, UDP, TCP. 

    Mr. Casner received his B.A. in Mathematics from Occidental College in 1973 and his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California in 1976. At USC’s Information Sciences Institute, he designed and implemented protocols and software for some of the earliest experiments with packet voice using the ARPAnet.

2011 Service Award Recipients
Recognizing significant contributions to IMTC

  • Brody Kenrick
  • Olle Franceschi
  • Louise Olson
  • Shantanu Sarkar
  • Ari Heikkinen