IMTC Leadership and Service Awards – 2001

Fall Forum, October 16 – 18, 2001, Seattle, Washington

IMTC President Award Recipients -

  • Mr. Richard Shaphorst, Founder & Chairman, Delta Information Systems
  • Dick Shaphorst This is a life achievement award for an outstanding senior personality of the conferencing industry who has contributed tremendously to the industry over several decades in many fields of the industry, and this with a personal calmness, charm and modesty. Mr. Shaphorst is the author of Videoconferencing and Videotelephony: Technology and Standards, and was the ITU-T H.324 Rapporteur. He holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Lehigh University.
  • Greg Meyer, Senior Program Manager, Intel Corporation
    Greg Meyer Greg Meyer has been an active member of the IMTC since 1995 and a Director on the IMTC Board of Directors since 2000.

    • Greg is currently the Network Infrastructure Working Group Chair.
    • Prior to that position, Greg was Chair for several activity groups, including the H.323 Activity Group.
    • Greg has been a key driver for interoperability and SuperOp events starting with the first T.120 event in Santa Clara.
    • In 2001, despite a difficult economic year, Greg led a team to carry out a very successful SuperOp in Honolulu.

    Intel Corporation has been a leader in ensuring that products such as T.120, H.323 and other products work together. In 1995, an Intel led initiative, the PCWG, merged with the IMTC. Since that time, Intel has encouraged their key technologists to donate significant time to helping make the IMTC successful. In addition to Greg, several others including Al Korenjak and Narjala Bhasker held leadership positions while at Intel. Intel has also been a sponsor for the 2000 and 2001 SuperOp events and also hosted a very successful Fall Forum in Sun River, OR in 1996.

  • Toby Nixon, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation
    Toby Nixon Toby Nixon has been a Director on the IMTC Board of Directors from 1997. Toby has been one of our most conscientious and effective contributors while he has been associated with the IMTC. Some of his accomplishments include

    • Being instrumental in steering the IMTC technically, especially helping to revise our 2001 IMTC mission, goals and activities.
    • Providing leadership and volunteering many hours to the IMTC during the past four years, as well as keeping Microsoft engaged in the IMTC.

    In 1998, he was instrumental in setting up the first joint Microsoft TAPI/IMTC SuperOp event in Honolulu. We held three joint events from 1998 – 2000, which resulted in significantly lower costs to the IMTC.

    Microsoft Corporation, through leadership from people like Toby and Adam Rauch before him, has significantly aided the cause of the IMTC. Microsoft took a leadership role is providing commonality and interoperability of T.120 with its NetMeeting product. Also, the company has provided sponsorship for events such as SuperOp as well as guest speakers at Forum events such as the 2001 Fall Forum in Seattle.