IMTC Leadership and Service Awards – 2002

Fall Forum, November 12 – 15, 2002, New York, NY

IMTC President Award Recipients -

  • Matt Collier, President and CEO, Telverse Communications
  • Matt Collier The President’s Award honored Matt Collier for Outstanding leadership in the industry and service as an IMTC Director and IMTC Past President. 

    Matt has over 22 years experience in sales and marketing positions in telecommunications and high-tech companies. Prior to Telverse, Matt was VP of Business Development at Polycom, Inc. Polycom acquired ViaVideo (1998) where Matt was Senior VP of Sales and Business Development. Prior to Polycom and ViaVideo, Matt held senior marketing and business development positions at MCI WorldCom, PictureTel, NBI and Sperry Univac. Additionally, Matt is Treasurer for the International Softswitch Consortium (ISC) and a former Director for the Voice on Net Coalition (VONc). Matt is also a limited partner in a privately managed angel fund. Matt holds a BA in Marketing from the University of Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Adi Plaut and PSS Activity Group (Presented at SuperOp 2002)
  • Adi Plaut The President’s Award honored Adi Plaut and the PSS Activity Group for evangelizing and promoting implementation of packet switched streaming technology.

IMTC Significant Contribution Award Recipients -

  • Jim Coffman, Avaya
  • Ardi Falaki, Polycom
  • Karen Frazier
  • Ken Kalinoski, Forgent
  • Jean Leclercq, France Telecom
  • Anatoli Levine, Radvision
  • Patrick Luthi, TANDBERG
  • Vince Meriwether, IBM
  • Greg Meyer, Intel
  • Ian Parke, BT
  • Ben Schuurink, KPN Telecom

Spring Forum May 14 – 16, 2002, Geneva, Switzerland

Leadership Award Recipients -

The IMTC presented its Leadership Awards honoring significant contributions to the multimedia industry by acknowledging individuals and a company. The awards ceremony was held during the IMTC Spring Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. The IMTC Awards recognize efforts to create innovative environments that foster collaborative contributions to product types, protocol profiles and service offerings.

  • Dr. Theodor Irmer, Former Director CCITT and ITU-T

    Dr. Theodor Irmer The Leadership Award honored Dr. Irmer for his outstanding pioneering contributions in Telecommunication Standardization. He was a leading figure in Germany in the introduction of digital communication techniques (incl. ISDN) in Germany at the Deutsche Bundespost. Among his other accomplishments, he was the: 

  • Chair of CCITT SGs standardizing ISDN (70s-80s)
  • Last ITU CCITT Director from 1984-1992
  • First ITU-T Direcor from 1992-1998
  • Key Reformer of the CCITT/ITU-T Standardization Process
  • PictureTel CorporationThe Leadership Award honored PictureTel, represented by three outstanding individuals, for its pioneering contributions in Multimedia Telecommunications. This was a company with vision, style and innovation. The three individuals honored were:

    Dr. Norman Gaut, Former President and CEO, the leading management figure

    Dr. Norman Gaut Dr. Gaut assumed the position of chief executive officer and president of PictureTel in January of 1986, and served on PictureTel’s board of directors since its inception in 1984. He became chairman of the board in April 1987. Under Dr. Gaut’s leadership, PictureTel became one of the world’s leaders in video collaboration technology. PictureTel was acquired by Polycom in 2001. Dr. Gaut holds a doctorate in planetary physics and a master’s degree in meteorology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

    Rich Baker, the visionary former Chief Scientist, and one of the early IMTC leaders

    Dr. Rich Baker has more than two decades of experience in digital video, Internet and telecommunications and was the chief visionary at PictureTel. Throughout the 1990s, he held a variety of senior management positions in research and development at PictureTel, including Vice President and CTO. Rich served as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) during the 1980s, researching image and video compression technologies. Rich, who received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, is the author of more than 25 technical publications and is co-author of the book “Digital Compression for Multimedia”. He received an MS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and BS in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology. Rich was inducted into the Telecon Hall of Fame in 1998, for significant contributions to the videoconferencing and distance learning. Rich was a Director on the IMTC Board of Directors from its inception in 1994 to 1998.

    Dave Lindbergh, former Manager, Technical Standards Group for his leadership role in the standards community

    Dave Lindbergh As Manager, Technical Standards Group at PictureTel, Dave played a key leadership role in the standards community. He was editor of H.324 and H.323 and held many vice-chair and chair positions in the ITU-T. Dave is co-author of the book “Digital Compression for Multimedia” and has authored many technical publications. Dave has chaired several IMTC activity groups and is the IMTC liaison to ISO/IEC JTC/SC29 WG11.