IMTC Leadership and Service Awards – 2004

Spring Forum May 18 – 20, 2004, San Jose, California

Leadership Award Recipients -

  • Dr. Ron Arps, IBM Almaden Research Center, Retired
  • Dr. Ron Arps The Leadership Award honored Dr. Arps who has spent more than 35 years as a leading research figure in the area of still image compression and coding. During that time, he published several key publications and has been the mentor for generations of still picture coding experts worldwide. Also, he was a key contributor to standards bodies for more than 20 years, including the ITU-T and ISO/IEC JPEG and JBIG Groups in several technical areas, including arithmetic coding, basic principles of JBIG and JBIG2. Dr. Arps retired from IBM in 2004.
  • George Helder, former Vice-Chairman of ITU SG 16
  • George Helder The Leadership Award honored Mr. Helder for his contribution to and his distinguished career in CCITT and ITU standardization. Mr. Helder spent more than 34 years, first as a delegate of AT&T Bell Labs and later PictureTel. He was instrumental in the creation of SG16 reuniting the “conferencing” subjects dispersed in SG8, SG14, and 15 into a single multimedia study group. Mr. Helder was also instrumental in originating and defining the studies in SG4 of TMN, the Telecommunication Management Network. He played a large role in the origination and refinement of the alternative approval process (AAP), which is now commonly used in technical study groups.

Service Award Recipients -

  • Anne Cerboni, France Telecom, Marketing VP
  • Yoni Malachi, Radvision – Posthumously, Director
  • Steve Welch, Director and IP Security AG Chair
  • Larry Schessel, Cisco Systems – H.323 Forum Leader
  • Chaim Fried, Glowpoint – UMMAP AG Chair
  • Rita-Eileen Glynn Smith – MAG co-chair
  • Bernhard Wimmer, Siemens – 3G-324M AG co-chair