IMTC Leadership and Service Awards – 2005

2005 Leadership Award Recipients

Spring Forum May 10 – 12, 2005, Eibsee, Germany

  • Dr. Gisle Bjøntegaard, Principal Scientist, TANDBERG
    Dr. Gisle Bjøntegaard The Leadership Award honored Dr. Bjøntegaard who has a long and outstanding career in video compression research and video coding standardization in CCITT, ITU and ISO. The results of his research and his numerous contributions are integral parts of today’s modern video coding standards such as H.261, H.263, H.264, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4. From 1986-1992, Dr. Bjøntegaard participated in and, for two years chaired the COST211 video coding activities. COST211 activities lead to the development of H.261 and resulted in major inputs to MPEG-2 and H.263. Under his direction the main elements of H.263 were developed and then further proposed to ISO as a base for the development of MPEG-4. In 1998, Gisle’s proposal led to the development of H.264 in which his numerous technical inputs and contributions had a fundamental impact on the final version of H.264 also known as MPEG-4 Part 10. Dr. Bjøntegaard holds a number of patents in the field of video coding. He received a Ph.D. degree in physics from University of Oslo, Norway in 1974.
  • Mr. Bernard Marti, Director of Standards, France Telecom Group
    Mr. Bernard Marti The Leadership Award honored Bernard Marti who has been key figure in international telecommunication research, development and standardization. In 1971, he created the digital image laboratory of ORTF (broadcast authority). In 1976, he led the Antiope-Minitel project of on-line information systems and services and was awarded the “Médaille Blondel” and “Effel Prize for telecommunications”. Also, he was instrumental in the definition and implementation of the famous “French Telematics. He served as Vice Chairman of the CCITT SGVIII and later Chair of ISO-IEC JTC1/SC2 where standardization of UNICODE, JPEG and MPEG were initiated under his mandate. In 1980, he was appointed Head of Graphic Telecom Services Department in CNET and was Chairman of CNET Programme Committee on Terminal and Services. He participated in the creation of European Digital Video Broadcasting institution (DVB) and directed the European Commission Project on digital Terrestrial Television broadcasting (dTTb). Bernard Marti is a graduate from the École Polytechnique, École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, and the Institute of Eastern Languages.
  • Dr. Wen-Hsiung Chen, Cisco Fellow, Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Dr. Wen Chen The Leadership Award honored Dr. Wen Chen who is a Cisco Fellow, an Honorary Professor at the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, Tianjin University and Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications. Prior to Cisco, Dr. Chen was Board Director and CTO of Komodo Technology, Inc., Founder, Chairman of the Board and President of V-Bits, Inc., and Founder and Executive VP of CLI, pioneering the development of CLI’s video conferencing and broadcast TV products. In 1995, he was elected as a Fellow of the IEEE for his contributions to the video coding technologies and their commercial applications. He is a pioneer in the field of digital image and has produced many inventions that are cornerstones for most digital video products from videophone, video conferencing, digital broadcast TV, to digital HDTV systems.  Dr. Chen received his BS degree from National Taiwan University, Masters from Kansas State and Ph.D. from USC, all in Electrical Engineering.

2005 Service Award Recipients

Spring Forum May 10 – 12, 2005, Eibsee, Germany

  • Mark Ludwig, Polycom, IMTC Director and Treasurer
  • Nori Sayanagi, Sony Corporation, IMTC Director