IMTC Structure

IMTC is an open organization, controlled by its Voting Members. A Voting Member is defined as a company that has paid dues and is qualified for IMTC Full Voting Membership in good standing. Voting members elect the Board of Directors, approve the annual budget and any changes in the Corporate By-Laws.
The IMTC follows a defined consensus decision-making process. Specifications and recommendations that require product development work, and issues which commit the IMTC to a specific course of action are balloted within the membership to majority approval.

Technical work is carried out by the Working Groups (WGs). The WGs drive their work primarily through Activity Groups (AGs). Each of these AGs address a particular area or subject. All members are encouraged to participate in Activity Groups, initiate discussion, voice opinions and help resolve issues. This reflects IMTC’s strong commitment to an inclusive, open structure and a make things happen environment.

IMTC Activity Groups
The Activity Groups are open to unlimited participation by employees of member companies. Activity groups meet regularly. Their specific activities are determined by the participants. Activity Groups allow competing companies to conduct regular dialog regarding interoperability of their products and to develop a common stance enabling them to help shape and evolve industry-wide standards.

IMTC Working Groups
Working Groups are made up of Activity Groups that carry out work specific to an area or a subject. The Working Groups are overseen by the IMTC Board of Directors who provides both business and technical direction.

Activity Group Membership Requirements
To join any of these IMTC activity groups, your company must be an IMTC member in good standing.

The 3G-324M activity group, also requires the member to be a developer of H.324/3G-324M terminals. The PSS activity group, also requires the member to be a developer of one of the following; streaming servers, content distribution servers, content creation tools or multimedia terminals.

Technical Steering Committee
The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is responsible for defining IMTC’s overall technical direction and looking for new areas of interest for IMTC and its members. The TSC is also responsible for defining methodology and managing policy, processes and procedures of working groups and activity groups while providing functional oversight. The TSC ensures that activity groups’ plans support the overall strategy of the IMTC and regularly reports on its activities to the Board and Officers.

Technical Steering Committee

Chair: OPEN 


Working Groups and Activity Groups

Carrier Technologies Working Group

Chair: Frédéric Gabin

Standardization Manager, Ericsson AB, France

Phone/Mobile: +33-6-78-44-85-75


Activity Groups:

Packet Switched Streaming Services (PSS) Activity Group 

IMS Activity Group

3G-324M Activity Group

Unified Communications Working Group

Chair: Shantanu Sarkar


Phone: +1.831.426.5858


Activity Groups:

Conferencing Interoperability Activity Group

SIP Parity Activity Group

SIP over IPv6 (SIPv6) Activity Group

SSV Activity Group

Telepresence Activity Group

Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) Activity Group

Real-Time Media Software Defined Networking (RTM SDN) Activity Group

Media Aware Network Element (MANE) Activity Group

WebRTC Interoperability Activity Group 

Education and Promotion Working Group

Chair: Kfir Pravda

Pravda Media Group

Phone/Mobile: +972.54.495.8066




Activity Groups:

Marketing Activity Group

Requirements Working Group

Chair: Patrick Luthi

IMTC Fellow

Phone: +41 22 849 6000


Activity Groups:

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Activity Group

Media Processing Activity Group