February 2-4 Face to Face, Stockholm, Sweden

Ericsson held the first Face to Face interoperability event for One Voice (now renamed to VoLTE) in Stockholm, Sweden. The testing conducted were a first step in the works towards a test cases specification for interoperability of VoLTE.

October 27-29 Face to Face, Stockholm, Sweden

The October Face to Face meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden hosted by Ericsson. The group tested MTSI and video sharing.

January 21-25 Second Face to Face Interoperability Event hosted by Nokia, Tampere, Finland
October 8-12 First Face to Face Interoperability Testing Event held jointly with 3G324 AG in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Thanks to sponsor, Radvision for hosting the live test event. 6 IMS AG member companies participated including Aricent, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Radvision. Members tested prototypes and implementations of Video Share enabled handsets and protocol stacks successfully in a live UMTS network.

April 28 First Face to Face meeting

Aethra hosted our first face-to-face meeting within the group. The meeting aligned the focus of our group and had a chance to become more personally acquainted.

April 20-27 SuperOp! 2007

The IMS AG attended the SuperOp! event and held a special breakout session to discuss test plans for the coming year.

March France Telecom joined IMS AG