Test Procedure and Policy

  • The tests are being done according to a test procedure that is developed and constantly improved by the group members, the document is currently in version 2.0.
  • It was tailored to meet the needs of the vendors and the reference specification
  • The test is composed of 5 stages that can be divided into 3 main groups:
    • Offline test
      • Raw bitstream
      • FF (File Format)
      • Packetized bitstream (Optional)
    • Virtual online test
      • Content negotiation / Transport protocols
    • Full system, Face-to-Face
      • Errorless / Simulated error condition

Stages Progress Policy

The current test procedure is the result of an iterative and incremental process of improvement.

The rationale for the decomposition of the test in several “Stages” was to be able to test the different sub-systems (or sub-components), in an as an isolated manner as possible. For this scheme to be successful , The following policy was defined:

  1. A vendor will be able participate in one or more tracks in stages 4 and 5, based on its product offering, given the following pre-requirements are fulfilled.
  2. For Stage-4 participation, successful completion of the pre-required stages, as depicted in the following table:
  3. Track Name Stage-1 Stage-2 Stage-3
    Track C
    Content Creation
    Required* Generation
    Track S
    Streaming Server
    Optional Testing
    Track T
    Optional Optional
    *Note-1: Generation is required for an Encoding ContentCreation Tool.
    *Note-2: Testing is required for a Muxing-only ContentCreation Tool.

  4. For Stage-5 participation, successful completion of Stage-4 is required