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Document Number Document Date Document Name/Subject Document Type
IMTC1001 7-Jul-2010 Approval of Official IMTC Documents Policy Document
+att. 1 6-Dec-2011 Attachment 1: Template for official IMTC documents
IMTC1002 6-Jun-2005 Annex A PIF – Radvision Contribution IPR Document
IMTC1003 15-Jun-2005 Annex A PIF – Dilithium Contribution IPR Document
IMTC1004 15-Jul-2005 Proposed draft IMTC Specification T.Q15 IPR Document
IMTC1005 19-Jul-2005 Annex A PIF – PacketVideo Contribution IPR Document
IMTC1006 23-May-2005 UMMAP Recommendation A.1: Acceptable Addressing Formats Version 1.0.5 UMMAP AG Document
IMTC1007 21-Feb-2005 H.264/AVC codec donation to facilitate 3GPP standardization Licensing Statement
IMTC1008 12-Oct-2005 Annex A PIF – AnswerFast Type II/Inferred Session Setup IPR Document
IMTC1009 18-Oct-2005 Annex A PIF_IPR_Submission – AF-ACN IPR Document
IMTC1010 18-Oct-2005 Annex A PIF_IPR_Submission – AF-FM IPR Document
IMTC1011 14-Junr-2012 Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) Version 8.0 Technical Specification
IMTC1012 06-Feb-2013 SIP Video Profile Best Practices (obsoleted by IMTC1013) Implementation Guideline
IMTC1013 03-Oct-2014 SIP Video Profile Best Practices (obsoleted by IMTC1015) Implementation Guideline
IMTC1014 29-Feb-2016 Interoperable Scalability Modes for the HEVC Video Coding (obsoleted by IMTC1016) Technical Specification
 IMTC1015  11-Mar-2016  SIP Video Profile Best Practices Implementation Guideline
IMTC1016 22-Sept-2016 Interoperable Scalability Modes for the HEVC Video Coding Standard for Unified Communication Applications Technical Specification