IMTC SuperOp! 2016

14 May, 2016 - 20 May, 2016

The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) announces the successful completion of SuperOp! 2016, the interoperability testing event for the newest Unified Communications (UC) industry standard protocols across all types of products and services.


SuperOp! uniquely allows companies to test that their products work seamlessly with equipment from other companies by offering a test platform of software, hardware, UC and multimedia solutions both for enterprises and service providers; running over a combined IP and 4G LTE network and using a broad range of protocols and technologies including WebRTC, Microsoft Skype4Business, SIP, TIP, H.323, H.264, SVC and HEVC/H.265. This diversity of equipment, protocols and vendors is not duplicated by any other industry event and cannot be economically undertaken by individual companies.


At each SuperOp, a SuperConnect is held to test and demonstrate interoperability across all the multimedia and UC products. This year’s SuperConnect was completed in 14 minutes across 35 SIP, WebRTC and Telepresence endpoints and 14 MCUs, Gateways, Session Border Controllers and SIP servers.


The IMTC WebRTC group works closely with the IMTC SIP Interconnect group focusing on interoperability between SIP and WebRTC Video conferencing applications. For the second successive year the IMTC WebRTC Activity Group was at the SuperOp event to promote interoperability of WebRTC based applications with Video Conferencing solutions, SBCs and Audio/Video Endpoints. The companies participating in the WebRTC related testing included leading vendors from the Unified Communications industry..  The IMTC WebRTC AG is also actively supporting the development of a WebRTC interoperability testing framework capable of testing both applications and browsers, which is intended to provide the basis for future WebRTC testing at SuperOp!.


The SIP Interconnect Activity Group testing included 16 product teams from Blue Jeans Networks, Cisco Systems, Huawei, Intel, Pexip, Polycom, Sonus Networks, Sorenson Communications, Spirent Communications, Vidyo, and Wipro. Testing focused on key aspects of videoconferencing/telepresence interoperability, using the IMTC SIP Interconnect best practices documents and associated test cases as the framework within which to test and report results. Interworking across implementations was quite broad, extending beyond that covered within the IMTC’s best practice documents, including SIP/WebRTC interworking via gateways provided by several participants. The level of interworking and the sophistication of the test scenarios was more advanced than in previous years. New interoperability issues were identified, some of which were resolved during the week with corresponding changes being fed back into the best practices and test cases documents.


“This year’s SuperOp! results prove that the IMTC is successfully bringing together industry leading companies from around the world, improving product performance by breaking down the technical barriers which hinder interoperability” said Anatoli Levine, IMTC President and Director of Product Management at Spirent.  “Our ultimate goal is to ensure that video, audio and UC clients, systems and Cloud services all work flawlessly together to provide a seamless user experience.”


SuperOp! 2016 also featured a half day IoT workshop, focused on using IoT in the context of Unified Communications (UC).  Topics covered included use-cases and adaptation architectures, a Software Define Networking (SDN) model to interface to IoT, Sensors and APIs with UC as hubs, UC hubs interfacing to IoT infrastructure, and UC components as IoT elements.


IMTC was honored to have Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo and Wipro sponsor the event.

Location: 6300 Hollywood Way, Orlando, FL 32819, United States