UC and IoT Webinar – Blending People, Data and Things


If you were unable to attend the live web event or you would like to review the recording again, please follow the link here: WEBINAR RECORDING



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Zeus Kerravala is the founder and principal analyst with ZK Research. Kerravala provides a mix of tactical advice to help his clients in the current business climate and long term strategic advice. Kerravala provides research and advice to the following constituents: End user IT and network managers, vendors of IT hardware, software and services and the financial community looking to invest in the companies that he covers. Kerravala is also heavily quoted in business press and the technology press and is a regular speaker at events such as Interop and Enterprise Connect.

Zeus Kerravala IMTC Slides

Carl Ford has been highlighting the key initiatives around the advances of the Commercial Internet since the inception of the worldwide web. Carl’s diverse experience in technology spans the areas of costing, operations, marketing, regulatory, and product development and management. Carl has become known throughout the Communications community for his ability to connect people and businesses; be it in formal conference settings or through the well-planned serendipitous encounter. Carl’s technology experience along with his expertise in building relationships as well relevant, thought provoking conference content, make him an invaluable asset to IoT Evolution.

Carl Ford IMTC Slides

Damodar Panigrahi - Mr. Damodar Panigrahi has been in the information technologies industry for over two decades, specifically providing IT solutions to industries such as healthcare, education, credit card, software product and services and gaming.He is currently providing Cloud solutions – specifically IoT, Databases (SQL/NoSQL), BigData, and Predictive Analysis. Damodar has four Masters degrees (Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Computer Application, Master of Science in Information Systems and Master of Business Administration.He persistently stays abreast of technology innovations.

Damodar Panigrahi IMTC Slides 


The IMTC UC/IoT Activity Group is  focused upon:

  • The impact of machine to machine and the Internet of Things on UC and multimedia technologies in business.
  • Enterprise use of sensor interfaces to build automated workflows.
  • UC/IoT interoperability issues relating to sensors, actuators, devices, compatible endpoints, and gateways.