WebRTC Webinar


If you were unable to attend the live web event or you would like to review the recording again, please follow the link here: WEBINAR RECORDING


The IMTC WebRTC Activity Group and this webinar was focused on:

  1. The impact of WebRTC on UC and multimedia technologies and business
  2. Enterprise use of WebRTC and the interworking of WebRTC with other technologies
  3. WebRTC interoperability issues relating to WebRTC devices including browsers, non-browsers, compatible endpoints, and gateways



Moderator:  Jan Hickisch, Unify, VP Global Solution Marketing

  1. Standards & Implementation Status – Andy Hutton Unify, Head of Standardization & Alex Gouaillard, CoSMo Software Consulting, Principal and Founder
  2. What’s Next for Video in WebRTC – Alex Eleftheriadis, Vidyo, Chief Scientist
  3. WebRTC Object Models in WebRTC 1.0, ORTC, and WebRTC NV – Bernard Aboba, Microsoft, Principal Architect, Skype/Lync
  4. Q&A’s