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How will technology impact your life and work in 2025?

This is the question we will discuss at our bi-annual 2025 Virtual Conference event, taking place June 26-27, 2012, in a browser near you.

Video communication has reached a point of maturation where regular TV sets now sport a Skype client, and smartphones capable of HD video have become today’s most successful technological products. Video is also a part of a much wider phenomenon – the way we communicate and interact is changing forever. Motion and gesture control, TV content personalization, 3D telepresence – where does it all lead? What will our offices and living rooms look like when we look further ahead into the future?

At IMTC, we will bring together thought leaders in these fields to answer these very questions. We also practice what we preach – the event will be a virtual conference utilizing existing video communication products.

Among IMTC 2025 Speakers are:

  • Dr AlokNath De – CTO, Samsung India
  • Casey King – CTO, LifeSize Communications
  • Joe Burton – SVP Engineering and CTO, Plantronics
  • Elad Nafshi – VP Video Management, Comcast
  • Manuel Vexler – CMO, IMS/NGN, Huawei
  • Nupur Srivastava – Healthcare Vertical Manager, Cisco
  • Adi Berenson – VP Biz-dev & Marketing, Primesense

Among the topic discussed this year are:

  • Future of the Living-room
  • ‘Healthy Future’ – Innovation in Telemedicine
  • Future of Smart Agents
  • Future of Cars
  • Future of Education
  • Future of Telepresence & Videoconferencing
  • Future of Ecosystems

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