Preliminary Agenda – IMTC 20th Anniversary Forum

Day 1 – 10.08.2013

Session Presentation Speaker
Opening Keynote  Keynote Pedro Falcão, Portugal Telecom
Recent advances in quality of experience in multimedia communication Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne
History of IMTC and vision for the future IMTC: 20 years of technology breakthroughs Deepak Kamlani, Global Inventures
IMTC, leading standards-based interoperability for two decades Greg Meyer, Intel
Vision for the future Wu-Chi Feng, IMTC TSC Chairman,Intel
Unified communications and future technologies Federation, the necessity for multimodal, multivendor solutions in a collaborating world Richard Bennett, Avaya
Conferencing robots and motorized videoconferencing Simon Horne, Spranto, Australia
Internet audio and video technologies  The Perfect Storm – MPEG DASH with H.265 (HEVC) with HTML5 David Price, Ericsson
Video delivery in WebRTC – VP8, VP9 and beyond Jan Linden, Google
WebRTC, audio disaggregation and the need for interoperability in this new environment Shantanu Sarkar, Plantronics
WebRTC and the use of video communication in a financial setting Pam Ware, Metropolitan Bank
 Audio coding Spatial audio (MPEG) Bernhard Grill, Juergen Herre,Fraunhofer
Enhanced Voice Service for the LTE: Building upon the Mobile Voice Success Story Stefan Bruhn, 3GPP EVS SWG chairman, Ericsson
Ground-breaking Low Bitrate 3D Audio Coding Based on 2D Audio Codecs – Introducing S5 Activities within Ecma TC32-TG22 Clemens Par, Swissaudec

Day 2 – 10.09.2013

Session Presentation Speaker
Opening Keynote Keynote Laurent Philonenko, Cisco Systems
The future of work is engaging, fun – and video-enabled Annicken Rød, Corporate Spring
2013 Awards Presentation
Video coding standards The H.265/MPEG-HEVC standard and its extensions Thomas Wiegand, Fraunhofer HHI
Development of a 4K Main 10 Profile HEVC Encoder for great improvements in Compression Efficiency Oliver Gunasekara, NGCodec Inc.
State of IMTC Presentation Anatoli Levine, IMTC President, Avaya

Day 3 – 10.10.2013

Session Presentation Speaker
Opening Keynote Keynote Tom-Erik Lia, Videxio
Telecommunication infrastructure,
Cloud services, etc.
Video cloud services, what is it, how it works, who will win and why? Scott Lomond, LifeSize
Video cloud services, what is it, how it works, who will win and why (2)?
Krish Ramakrishnan, BlueJeans
The death of the MCU Alex Eleftheriadis, Vidyo
Designing for true Cloud-based Video Mark Reid, Vidyo
High Definition Video Conferencing – Telco-grade open, interoperable, efficient and quality based conferencing services Massimiliano Boutet, Telecom Italia
Mobility – IMS, LTE, VoLTE Rich Communications Suite (RCS) and interoperability Antonella Napolitano, Telecom Italia
VoLTE – the new era in voice Imre Varga, Ryan Heidari,Qualcomm
 HD Voice over mobile: 4 years after the first deployment, lessons and perspectives Yannick Mahieux, Orange
Emerging Communications to be announced to be announced