IMTC Webinar Series – The status of WebRTC

IMTC recently decided to initiate a series of webinars to talk about the most relevant topics of our industry. The WebRTC webinar was the first of its kind addressing the most interesting aspects of WebRTC and its adoption in the industry, presented by leading and well respected industry experts.

The event was hosted by the IMTC WebRTC Interoperability Group and focused on the existing position and future evolution of WebRTC standards and implementations.

The webinar began with a brief introduction of WebRTC activities in the IMTC from Andy Hutton (co-chair of the IMTC WebRTC group and Head of Standardization at Unify), followed by the following presentations with associated Q&A’s.

  1. Dr Alex Eleftheriadis (Chief Scientist at Vidyo) discusses how Vidyo is handled in WebRTC, providing expert insight in to different video conferencing architectures and how they relate to WebRTC.
  2. Bernard Aboba (Principal Architect, Microsoft) explains why WebRTC needs an Object Model and how the work of the W3C ORTC Community Group has been integrated in to WebRTC 1.0 and the status of the implementation in the Microsoft Edge Browser.

The webinar recording can be viewed here:

The webinar recording can be downloaded here.

The presentations can be reviewed here:

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