Eight Good Reasons Why You Should Join IMTC

By joining forces and combining resources to collaborate, IMTC members gain multiple benefits:

  1. Test with the best: Ability to participate in engineering interoperability tests and bring standards-compliant products to market earlier
  2. Get mandate to shape the industry: Members get to provide input and approve key IMTC technical specifications and recommendations
  3. Don’t stay behind: By joining IMTC, you ensure that your organization’s products are included in the interoperability testing process
  4. Enjoy pioneering rights: Early access to standards related data and the current trends in multimedia Telecommunications
  5. Empower your organization: By supporting the IMTC’s mission, you help ensure that interoperable products and services enter the marketplace. This, in turn, further accelerates the market and helps you and your organization stay relevant
  6. Gain industry insight: Knowledge of products developed by other IMTC members
  7. Voice your opinion: the IMTC gives you a platform to discuss and share issues related to implementing and improving the standards with other organizations who share the same interest
  8. Make an impact: Industry and media visibility through IMTC sponsored marketing events and educational programs


Contribute to IMTC Leadership and Direct Membership Involvement
Eligibility to vote in all BoD elections and other matters that may come before the memberhship x
Eligibility for nomination and service on the BoD x
Eligibility for nomination and service as an Officer x Treasurer, Secretary Treasurer, Secretary
Eligibility to act as chair and fully Participate in MetadataNEW PSS and SIP ParityNEW Activity Groups x
Eligibility to act as chair and fully participate in all other Activity Groups x x x
Eligibility to Chair Board Advisory Committees x
Shape IMTC Specification Input Benefits
Propose work items x x x
Input requirements documents, recommended specifications and other document evolution; x x x
Input to Test Specification evolution x x x
Access to all draft and published documents of IMTC x x x
Vote on Specification(s) and document approval x x x
Direct Membership Involvement
Vote in Board of Director Elections x
Propose Activity Groups x x x
Vote on matters as they come before membership x
Access to e-mail reflectors x x x
Participate in Activity Group Meetings and activities using IOTzilla (e.g. PSS) x
Participate in all other Activity Group Meetings and activities x x x
Participate in other TBD Committee Meetings and activities (e.g. Content Delivery) x x x
Attend Forum Events x Special
Attend Interoperability events x
Booth Space Included with Attendance at SuperOp! x
Pre-release access to IMTC documents x x x
Obtain Reference Implementations, Test Suites x x x
Obtain published IMTC documents x x x
Mention in Press Releases (Alphabetical) x x x
Receive Newsletter x x x
Receive IMTC Marketing Benefits
Listing on IMTC Web Site with company link x
Listing on IMTC Web Site – no company link x x
Participate in Marketing events x
Receive Marketing ‘tool kit x
Access to IMTC Historical Archive x
Annual Dues $15,500 $1000 No Dues