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Geneva, 2004-Nov-16-25


IMTC (International Multimedia Telecommunication Consortium)


IMTC's Request for ITU-T A.5 status





IMTC Board




January 1, 2005


J. A. Polizotto

IMTC Secretariat

2400 Camino Ramon, Suite 375

San Ramon, CA 94583, USA

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Dear Mr. Campos-Neto,


For a number of years IMTC has been enjoying the ITU-T A.4 status. Now IMTC would like to request to extend its A.4 status to A.5 status.

IMTC is not so much a standards setting organization, but more a standardization complementary body. As an example, we have first specified at the end the of the 90'ies a Specification for “VoIP”, largely referencing ITU-T standards, that has been used by the Industry for a couple of years. IMTC only standardizes topics where urgent Industry need exists currently not covered by Standards bodies. Another example is our interoperability testing specifications that ITU-T might use as a means for enhancing compliance to its Recommendations.

We very much would like to enter a relationship where our specifications can be referenced in ITU-T Recommendations - if needed.

According to ITU-T Rec. A.5:

“3.1         The criteria used for qualifying organizations, as documented in items 1 to 6 of Annex A/A.4 or items 1 to 6 of Annex A/A.6, should be used. If the referenced organization has already been qualified according to ITU-T A.4 or A.6, the evaluation need not be repeated, and only a note of the result is required.

3.2           In addition, the referenced organization should have a process by which its output documents are published and regularly maintained (i.e. reaffirmed, revised, withdrawn, etc.).

3.3           The referenced organization should also have a document change control process, including a clear, unambiguous document numbering scheme. In particular, a feature to look for is that updated versions of a given document be distinguishable from the earlier versions.”

We are confident that IMTC fulfils the above requirements.


Yours sincerely,


Jim Polizotto,

IMTC Secretary