To:                        International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC)


From:                    Global Certification Forum (GCF)


Contact:              Mr Phil Brown

                            NTT DoCoMo

                            GCF IMTC Liaison Officer

                            +44 7830 245266


Liaison between IMTC and GCF________________________________________________________________________________


Liaison between IMTC and GCF


On behalf of the Mr Harri Halminen, the GCF Chair, may I thank you for your liaison letter dated 25 th April 2005 and the opportunity to present at the recent IMTC Forum on GCF related matters. I think these are extremely useful ways to establish a working relationship between the organisations for our mutual benefit.


As you know the initial point of contact has been with the IMTC 3G-324M Activity Group, and Mr Albert Wong and Mr Sebastian Purreiter in particular, with respect to the development of video telephony tests to be utilised within the GCF's certification scheme. Of course it is early days yet and it will be interesting to see how this works out and also to see if there are other areas where such a relationship will prove to be beneficial. Based on the indicators so far, I believe that there is plenty to be optimistic about.


Part of the purpose of our liaison is to better understand the needs, goals and motivation of each other's organisations. Although there a few IMTC members who are also GCF members, this does not necessarily translate into mutual understanding of each other's processes and time scales. If you or your members do have some queries regarding any aspect of the GCF, please feel free to direct them in my direction as appropriate.


Best Regards


Phil Brown