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MEFnet is a physical and virtual hosting environment for the hardware and software components of OpenLSO and OpenCS implementations.

MEFnet will include OpenLSO and OpenCS instances comprised of solutions from prominent Open Source Projects and Closed Source industry products, and  will support distributed and interconnect member and partner labs and is accessible for LSO Hackathons and ongoing MEF development and testing work.

MEFnet is needed to provide a platform upon which OpenLSO and OpenCS references can be managed and maintained in-house, expanded upon and foster collaboration while MEF is the logical focal point for such activities. It will support OpenLSO and OpenCS activities taking place in MEFnet to be showcased and demonstrated, and it provides a fully managed development, test and demonstration environment is now required for MEF to execute against its Third Network vision, to meet the needs of its members and to enable collaboration with the extended stakeholder community.

MEFnet provides access to high availability, high performance compute and storage facilities, recommended software resources are made available to developers, and serves as a  software repository for all OpenCS/OpenLSO and related developments.

  • MEFnet users - consist of MEF Open Initiative participants motivated to check the viability of complex combinations of solutions, developers can create and test  instances based on their work in OpenCS and OpenLSO;
  • MEFnet contributors - are who provide equipment and/software into MEFnet accelerating the development and adoption of Third Network services using their products and enabling them to showcase their capabilities; and
  • MEFnet Labs - can be service providers, technology providers, test labs or Open Source labs who are able to provide Geographic/regional reach and a measurable commitment to developments in MEFnet.

MEFnet support is provided through first level support for registration assistance and basic troubleshooting and escalation support to advanced developer resources coordinated through MEF Technical Support.

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