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Carrier Ethernet for Cloud Service Delivery eliminates the Internet’s security vulnerabilities, unpredictable performance and compliance challenges regarding data governance that have Enterprises reluctant to implement Cloud services in the WAN.

Use cases typically feature data center to business consumer and data center interconnect services deploying MEF services such as EPL, EVPL, and EVP-Tree.

The evolution of Cloud services is demands increasing resiliency, assurance and flexibility. MEF activity continues to focus heavily on evolving Ethernet service attributes to better support on-demand cloud service delivery via traditional or SDN implementations.


  • For cloud providers
    Access to massive enterprise audience with business-class delivery
  • For the Ethernet Cloud Carriers
    Deliver mission-critical business-class cloud-based
    services as long tern value-added services
  • For Enterprise Cloud Consumers
    Meets enterprise requirements for high-performance,
    secure and controlled access to mission-critical