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LSO Hackathon is a 2 days long design & development activity hosted by MEF that is open to MEF members as well as non-members.

The goal of the hackathon is to create, nurture and grow the developer community around the wide-range of MEF 3.0 Implementation Projects (hyperlink to MEF 3.0 Implementation Projects) as well as support complementary open source communities such as open source tools and open source controllers/orchestrators.

  • Refine and translate your MEF 3.0 use case into an initial implementation that your organization can further build on.
  • Enhance your understanding of LSO, SDN, NFV in the context of working code.
  • Network and learn from your peer community across the globe that is working on LSO, SDN and NFV

The first of the LSO Hackathons took place at GEN15 on November 16 — 18, 2015 in Dallas, Texas, and the second, the Euro16 LSO Hackathon, took place in Rome, Italy, on April 26 – 28, 2016, followed by the MEF16 LSO Hackathon in Baltimore on November 7-9, 2016, fourth in Frankfurt, Germany on April 24-26, 2017 and fifth in Orlando, Florida on November 13-16, 2017.

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