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Welcome New MEF Members
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Introducing MEF LSO Developer Community

A key ingredient to MEF’s ongoing success is the adoption of its vision and its products by our members and the broader industry. The implementation of MEF’s LSO APIs is a critical component of MEF’s mission to enable service automation across providers and over multiple network technology domains. The integration of any type of software artifact, such as an API, is bolstered by comprehensive software development kits or SDKs.

LSO Developer Community

To accelerate the production of these SDKs, MEF is introducing the LSO Developer Community—a community composed of software developers and IT staff from MEF member companies—whose primary purpose is to boost the adoption of MEF data models and APIs as defined for each of the reference points in LSO architecture.

MEF + Amartus

MEF is excited to announce the evolution of this community and the engagement of Amartus to manage the LSO Developer Community on behalf of MEF.

Amartus will lead:

1. Efforts to accelerate the use of current LSO SDKs (e.g. LSO Sonata SDK) by service providers and technology vendors throughout the industry.

2. Finalizing the following SDK releases for 8 November 2019:

  • LSO Sonata SDK R4
  • LSO Presto SDK R4
  • LSO Legato SDK R4

3. Managing new releases of LSO SDKs.

4. Maximizing collaboration between stakeholders (working group members, developers, academia).

Community Manager

An important component of the LSO Developer Community is the Community Manager, whose mission is to engage specialists to contribute to the continual development of LSO SDKs. Please welcome Mariusz Szypula, Software Development Manager | Amartus, as the LSO Developer Community Manager. In addition to leading the SDK releases and on-going collaborative development, Mariusz will:

  • Provide day-to-day support of developers and service provider IT staff to maximize service provider and technology vendor market adoption of the existing LSO APIs.
  • Understand service provider and technology vendor needs and translate them into feature backlogs for inclusion in future LSO SDK releases.

How to participate in the LSO Community

MEF is looking for more industry professionals to participate in the process of developing and deploying software development kits for LSO Sonata, LSO Presto, and LSO Legato.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the Community Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..