SASE and 5G: Delivering Cloud-based Security and Connectivity

Versa Networks’ CEO, Kelly Ajuha, emphasizes the need to protect users, data, and networks as cloud migration increases. 5G with SASE enables users to connect to applications across multiple locations while delivering security from the cloud. Can adopting 5G with SASE streamline enterprise security and improve overall efficiency?

In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Kelly Ahuja of Versa Networks:

  • How can implementing a SASE architecture better secure networks and applications in a cloud-based, work-from-anywhere world? 
  • Why is unifying networking and security important in SASE and are there challenges?  
  • How can businesses leverage SASE and 5G to improve their cybersecurity posture? 
  • Why is 5G considered a big opportunity for service providers, and how might it impact cybersecurity? 
  • What role do standards play in ensuring interoperability and security in cloud computing and SASE solutions?

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