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The designation of IMTC Fellow honors an individual who is no longer with the IMTC but has made significant contributions to the organization. The Fellowship provides an opportunity for that individual to continue to actively participate in IMTC activities.

  • http://www.imtc.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Patrick_Luthi.jpg") no-repeat;">Patrick Luthi
    Fellow Awarded in 2015  

    Patrick Luthi has been the Vice President of IMTC since 2006 and served on the IMTC Board of Directors since 2000. He has a long history with IMTC and chaired several WGs and AGs over the years, most recently the Requirements WG and the IMTC 20th Anniversary Forum Planning Committee. His contributions to the organization were essential and he drove several projects and policies to completion. Through his connections and roles in SDOs, he ensured that IMTC was well represented and visible in numerous standards organizations.

    Patrick Luthi was Manager of Technology Standards at Cisco and a member of the Office of the CTO in the Collaboration Technology Group. He joined Cisco through the acquisition of Tandberg in 2010 and worked for Tandberg since 2002. At Cisco/Tandberg, he was responsible for managing technical standardization activities, coordinating related developments and representing the company in international standards organizations and industry fora. He authored IETF proposed standard RTP Payload Format for ITU-T G.722.1 (RFC 5577 and 3047) and RTP Payload Format for H.264 RCDO Video (RFC 6185). He is currently the Rapporteur for the ITU-T multimedia systems, terminals and data conferencing Experts group (Q1/16), and the Editor of the H.320 series, H.233, H.234, H.243 and other ITU-T Recommendations. Patrick Luthi is also a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He is now the CTO of Ecma International, an industry association dedicated to the standardization of Information and Communication Technology and Consumer Electronics.

  • Ralph Neff
    Fellow Awarded in 2011  

    Dr. Ralph Neff has been involved with IMTC from the inception of the Packet Switched Streaming (PSS) AG in 2001 and participated in several activities, most notably as Chair of the PSS AG from 2003 until 2010. He not only actively contributed to the IMTC PSS and 3G-324m AGs, but also importantly contributed, through a fruitful collaboration between the IMTC 3G-324m AG and ITU-T Q1/16, to the development of the MONA “call setup acceleration” algorithm, which became H.324 Annex K, for which Dr. Neff served as co-Editor.
    Ralph Neff received a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1992, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California at Berkeley in 1994 and 2000, respectively. He is currently Director of Global Standards and Intellectual Property at PacketVideo Corporation.

  • Jim Polizotto
    Fellow Awarded in 2009 

    Jim Polizotto has been a Vice President and Executive Consultant with Global Inventures since October 2000. From 2001 through September 2009, Jim served as Executive Director providing Secretariat services for IMTC. Jim Polizotto has a long history with IMTC. He served on the IMTC Board of Directors and also was Treasurer from 1995 through 2000.

    Jim Polizotto has extensive experience in networking, video streaming and standards based systems technology. From 1994 until November 2000, Jim held several engineering director level positions for CLI and VTEL. His primary focus was to ensure the timely release and interoperability of videoconferencing products. In January 2000 Jim Polizotto was appointed Director of Operations of Onscreen24, a wholly owned subsidiary of VTEL, created to focus on Internet based software development.

    Prior to 1994, Jim Polizotto helped create a multimedia development laboratory for IBM in the heart of Silicon Valley, and he was responsible for delivering many successful products to the marketplace. Among his more significant multimedia accomplishments at IBM, Jim’s organization developed an Internet based multimedia video streaming server in 1993 that was voted Best New Product at Spring COMDEX 1993 by Byte Magazine. Jim was also responsible for introducing several OSI products to the marketplace. Jim has been a strong advocate of international standards throughout his career. He has a BA from the University of Rochester in New York.

    Jim Polizotto passed away in 2010 at the age of 74.

    View Jim’s Memoriam.

  • Amir Wolf
    Fellow Awarded in 2008 

    Mr. Wolf served IMTC in various official capacities since 2000. During his involvement with IMTC his primary focus was on video streaming over mobile networks. Mr. Wolf was involved in the evolution of this area specializing in content creation and mobile video delivery.

    Mr. Wolf was one of the Packet Switched Streaming Services (PSS) pioneers. In 2000 he was a major force in the formation of the IMTC PSS Activity Group which grew from a handful of companies focused on PSS to more than 30 members. He drove several initiatives, including formalizing interoperability testing techniques which became the Gold Standard for PSS. Mr. Wolf served as the chair for this activity group and also served as an IMTC Director from 2006 – 2008.

    Mr. Wolf has been employed Rhythm NewMedia since 2006. He holds 2 US pending patents related to streaming and file format. Prior to Rhythm NewMedia, Mr. Wolf worked at Emblaze in the R&D and CTO divisions.

  • Keith Lantz
    Fellow Awarded in 2007
    Keith Lantz is a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc. He works on a variety of cross-product-line system architecture issues related to Cisco’s voice and video products. Dr. Lantz, who joined Cisco in 1998, has spent the bulk of the last 25 years leveraging collaborative multimedia technologies to increase professional and organizational productivity. Immediately prior to joining Cisco, he was engaged as a strategic technology consultant focusing on IP telephony and next-generation public network architectures. Prior to that, while Principal Scientist and Director of Technology at Vicor, Inc., he co-invented the cross-platform, broadcast-quality, desktop videoconferencing and unified messaging system subsequently productized by Avistar Systems — where he also served as Director of Product Management & Marketing. 

    Dr. Lantz holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rochester, as well as BS and MS degrees in the same field from Washington State University and the University of Rochester, respectively. His standards-related activities include stints on the DARPA Berkeley Unix Advisory Committee, the NSF CSNET Technical Committee, the NSF Distributed Systems Architecture Board, the Internet Collaboration Technology Research Group, the Internet Architecture / Activities Board, the Internet Research Steering Group, and IFIP Working Group 2.7 (Operating System Interfaces). He holds 34 patents and has authored over 50 published works.

    Keith Lantz has been actively involved with the IMTC since 1999 and has held several Board Officer positions including Treasurer.

    During his participation on the IMTC Board, he focused on fostering close ties with the IETF and worked on improving the quality of the IMTC Forum, an annual industry event. He continues to support the IMTC’s mission to promote, encourage and facilitate the development and implementation of interoperable multimedia telecommunications solutions — with a specific eye toward ubiquitous deployment of IP-based video telephony and unified messaging.

  • Istvan Sebestyen, PhD
    Fellow Awarded in 2006 

    Mr. Sebestyen has been involved in the worldwide multimedia standardization work for over 20 years including telecommunication standardization experience in CCITT, ITU-T, ISO/IEC, ETSI and DIN and ITU-T Rapporteur on still picture coding (JPEG, JBIG) between the years1987-2000.

    He has been involved in IMTC work since its very beginning in 1994. Since 1999 he served the IMTC as Director, and from 2001-2006, was elected as the President of the IMTC. Istvan has written close to one hundred papers, two books and holds close to twelve patents. He is now the President of ECMA International, an industry association dedicated to the standardization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Consumer Electronics (CE).

  • Dave Lindbergh
    Fellow Awarded in 2006 

    Mr. Lindbergh has been active in US and international standardization work since 1993, including Committee T1, TIA, IETF, ISO/IEC and ITU, where he was a principal contributor to ITU-T Recommendations H.223, H.224, H.281, and V.140, served as editor for Recs. H.226, H.239, H.241, and H.324, and as chairman of the H.324 Systems Experts group, the H.264 Requirements Profiles and Levels group, and the H.264 Applications ad-hoc group.

    He is a co-author of Digital Compression for Multimedia: Principles and Standards (Morgan Kaufmann, 1998), a contributor to Multimedia Communications (Academic Press, 2001) and the Wiley Encyclopedia of Telecommunications (John Wiley & Sons, 2002).

    Dave Lindbergh was elected a Director in 2004, and served as a Director and Treasurer from January 2005 until he resigned in September 2006.

  • Chuck Grandgent
    Fellow Awarded in 2003
    Mr. Grandgent has been involved with IMTC since its inception and participated in several activities, most notably chairing the Data Conferencing AG (formerly T.120 AG). During that time Mr. Grandgent worked for PictureTel, and later for Octave Communications Inc., Salem, NH. He was one of the primary drivers of the T.120 series standard and also participated in the ITU-T Study Group 16.
  • Carole Hodges
    Fellow Awarded in 2003
    Ms. Hodges was on the IMTC Board of Directors from 2000-2003 representing WorldCom (which later became MCI) and was the Co-Chairman of the Education and Marketing Activity Group. In that role she had developed a presentation providing an overview of Multimedia tools for meetings and distance learning. She presented on behalf of the IMTC at the tutorial for E-Learning in Spring, 2001 and expanded the presentation into an IMTC tutorial with multiple member presenters for Telecon West. She later became the Vice President of the IMTC Marketing as well as the Education and Promotion Work Group. Ms. Hodges is an entrepreneur and currently President of Outrageous Choice, an organization that educates people on techniques that develop the mental and emotional tools needed to achieve optimal performance.