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Giving You the Edge on Your Digital Transformation

Kevin Vachon, MEF COO: Welcome to MEF Infinite Edge Series

MEF’s Infinite Edge Series is designed to be a fully immersive experience that brings you valuable insights on the infinite possibilities of the digital world across the network core, the cloud and the edge. Spanning across nine episodes, you’ll explore in-depth the most pressing industry topics, so you’re well-prepared to carry out your own digital transformation, no matter where you are on your journey.

Each episode, released monthly, brings you hours of content and the chance to dig deep into these topics with leading industry players so you can gain insight on real-world challenges.

Watch all nine episodes on-demand and discover the best insights on the infinite possibilities of the digital world, across the network core, the cloud, and the edge

Watch All Episodes On-Demand

Unparalleled Engagement & Visionary Perspectives

At Infinite Edge, you won’t just be listening to a few speakers lecture you about ICT challenges. You get a truly immersive experience and unparalleled engagement with industry visionaries.

We know that you crave interaction, but in this increasingly remote world you’re faced with passive-pixels and Zoom-fatigue, ultimately suffering from hyper-screen-atosis. Infinite Edge is a dialogue-driven, professionally hosted experience to maximize engagement and eliminate boredom – plus, you get the opportunity to be part of the show!

Engage with Global Leaders

You’ll be in direct dialogue with leading industry players across the globe, so you can get your questions answered on the spot.

Dive into Practical Elements

Gain insight on the real-world challenges and opportunities that impact you, and come away with tangible solutions you can implement.

Collaborate with Industry Peers

Coalesce closely with your peers to learn how they’ve approached similar challenges, and make lasting connections to lean on as you go forward.

A Fully Immersive Digital Experience

Each episode will be broken down into segments, which are carefully designed to bring you an engaging experience. Each three-hour long episode will be delivered in a fast-paced, interactive format. In each episode segment, we’ll dive deep into topics like SD-WAN, edge computing, 5G and digital business transformation. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact directly with our sponsors and MEF leaders before and after each episode. These windows to visit will be available for the hour prior and the hour following every episode.

Episode Segments


Host’s Edge View

Our episode hosts—Jon Petz or Jeff Civillico—open each episode and get things started, introducing the episode theme and explaining what listeners can expect to get the dialogue initiated. Then at the close of each episode, the host will give you their “Edge View”: they’ll summarize and reflect on the episode, collaborating with our show’s sketch correspondent to add some fun and some perspective! As highly regarded motivational speakers and entertainers, they’ll keep you on your toes and inspire you to bring purpose and passion to your own digital transformation journey.


Executives in Conversation

Join us for executives in conversation at the top of each episode. Tune-in for a conversational interview with senior level executives from the tech-sector, including leading telecommunication firms and technology suppliers, to explore their perspective on the industry, with a focus on the episode’s theme.


Pushing the Edge: Analysts’ Corner

Tune in as top industry analysts explore, investigate and debate the business and technological aspects of each episode’s topic, from SD-WAN to Edge Computing, SASE to 5G. Gain the insights you need, with your tour guides, #Jon & #Jeff.


MEF Perspectives

Immediately following Analysts’ Corner, jump in and understand the perspectives of MEF, the global non-profit industry forum of network, cloud & technology providers. Our hosts are joined by MEF representatives to analyze each episode’s theme and its relationship to the work of MEF.

Deep Dive Sessions

Deep Dive Sessions

Deep Dive segments offer unique perspectives from SMEs from top companies . You’ll hear from industry visionaries and leaders to provide their perspectives working through the nitty-gritty of a given topic, explaining in detail how to navigate challenges and implement solutions. Where else can you get this type of experience?


Q&A Chat

Subject matter experts will be available during each episode for a live Q&A, to answer hot-button questions and help you overcome real-world obstacles you’re facing as they relate to the theme.

roundtable image

Roundtable Discussions

With this exciting feature, you can create your own roundtable discussion or join an open discussion on a topic that interests you. To set up a roundtable, you’ll just need to connect your Microsoft Teams or Zoom account or set it up right in our series platform, Social 27. Pick from several areas of interest and invite others to join you for a lively virtual discussion! You’ll be able to choose from a roundtable-style discussion, with up to 5 attendees, and a boardroom-style discussion, with up to 30 attendees.

Network with MEF and Sponsors

Visit our sponsor microsites for networking and more. Here, you can initiate one-on-one conversations with staff, join roundtable discussions on various topics, watch videos and download tons of useful content. This is your opportunity to learn more about our sponsors’ offerings and see how they can help you grow your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with our sponsors!

Infinite Edge Series

Get the edge on your digital transformation journey with insights and expertise from the MEF Infinite Edge Series. Over the course of 9 episodes in this free digital series, you’ll explore the industry’s most pressing topics and engage directly with influential leaders.

Watch All Episodes On-Demand