Episode 7: On Demand

Clouds & Collaboration: Delivering a Unified Customer Experience

What You’ll Learn

Enterprise users increasingly seek an on-demand, secure, high-performance, low-latency experience when accessing applications in hybrid, multi, and distributed cloud environments. Closer collaboration between hyperscale cloud providers and network service providers is critical to meeting this digital transformation need in the most simplified, seamless, and resilient way possible. Join leading cloud service, network service, and technology experts to explore key areas where industry players are working together to unleash the power of automated networks and encourage development of higher-value applications that fully leverage investments in advanced technologies.

Learn how MEF is facilitating collaboration through its work on standardized APIs and services within the context of end-to-end automation across a connected ecosystem of enterprises, service providers, and cloud providers.

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Episode Segments

HOST’S EDGE VIEW: Welcome by Host Jeff Civillico


KEYNOTE: Franck Morales, VP of Connectivity, Orange Business Services

Supporting Customers’ Evolving Challenges Using a Cloud Native Approach

The new paradigm of connectivity infrastructure is managing the complexity moving from “Earth to Cloud”. As businesses accelerate their migrations towards trusted multi-cloud native models, infrastructure is a key business-enabler that contributes directly to the delivery of their business objectives. 

Franck shares his view on an Internet premium open telco-cloud infrastructure, and how this will support customers’ transformation of their networks to become more agile, flexible, and secure, all at the same time. By combining partners’ ‘state-of-the-art’ technological developments with the Orange know-how for delivering guaranteed best-in-class performance, flexibility and security & by managing close partnerships with Hyper-scalers like Azure, to ensure connectivity to and within the Cloud, for seamless management of the transition from an earth-based WAN to a Cloud-based WAN.


CLOUD PERSPECTIVES: Shawn Hakl, VP, 5G Strategy, Microsoft

Azure for Operators



Interview with the Analyst

Grant Lenahan, Partner and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research, Interviewed by Stan Hubbard, Senior Director of Research & Analyst Relations, MEF



In today’s evolving hybrid, multi and distributed cloud offerings, a rich ecosystem of partners have risen to enable the network for the digital economy.  As digital transformation continues to drive enterprises into cloud centric workflows, explore how service providers and hyperscalers evolve their managed offerings to deliver on a better together E2E experience.

Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF



Functionality to Enhance the Customers’ Experience in a Digital World

How lack of automation and outdated systems are creating service bottlenecks for the buying and selling of underlying enterprise connectivity solutions such as ethernet and broadband – and what can be done to reduce the quote-to-cash timelines of sourcing and delivering these services.

Enterprises expect global access to on-demand ICT services – including cloud resources (storage, compute) & networking resources (Ethernet & Internet Access). How are service providers addressing these requirements for a unified digital experience?


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