Episode 8: 11 August 2021

Edge Innovation Driving Competitive Advantage with Customized Services

What You’ll Learn

Increasing demand across enterprise verticals including retail, manufacturing, health and transport, for cloud-native secure, and automated services is driving an edge services market opportunity for the network service providers. Organizations that can take advantage of an integrated service-oriented infrastructure at the edge will be positioned to transform and offer unique high-value services that address changing workloads, network SLAs, and the client experience, providing low-latency fixed and mobile solutions leveraging SD-WAN, network slicing, 5G and customer-set security policies.

This Infinite Edge episode will explore how MEF standardization enables network service providers to create those on-demand complex and bespoke edge-based services together with their myriad partners in the ecosystem.

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Episode Segments

HOST’S EDGE VIEW: Welcome by Host Jon Petz

KEYNOTE: Gunnar Peters, Vice President, Enterprise Services Innovation, Spectrum Enterprise

Edge Innovation: Transforming the Client Experience

Leveraging the edge as part of the larger ecosystem of technologies to realize the enterprise’s journey towards digital transformation.



Interview with the Analysts

Join analysts Cliff and Dalia as they discuss the market, Edge Computing and associated use cases. Learn about the top business drivers requiring compute to be moved closer to the end user for low latency, data geography and bandwidth usage reduction.



Digital Transformation at the Edge

Digital transformation is much more than moving IT workloads to the cloud.  As enterprises move through their digital transformation journey, the building and network edge become critical infrastructure that enables all kinds of new workloads of a distributed cloud. In this session, MEF’s CTO will cover what MEF is working on to enable network transformation to support the enterprises’ ever-evolving needs of new digital transformation workloads from the edge.



Edge Innovation

Edge Cloud has become a big topic for network service providers over the past year or so. What is the reason for the growing interest? Will service providers play a big role in delivering these new edge services and who else is involved? This deep dive will deal with the key challenges that network service providers face operationalizing edge cloud-based services.


Automated and Dynamic Services all the Way to the Edge

The ever-increasing demand for digitized network services is changing the consumption models to a cloud-native, on-demand world in terms of how customers want to engage and procure infrastructure and network services, and how they interact with their ecosystems. Enterprises are demanding automated and dynamic services from their networks at every step of a transaction and all the way to the customer edge. As larger swaths of GDP are being digitally enabled, demand for distributed, hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure is only increasing.

The combination of MEF standards and collaboration with partner SDOs and open source communities on APIs powers the automation required to realize the promise of dynamic network services delivered across participating network and cloud service providers.

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