East-West APIs

Dynamic inter-provider service automation.

LSO APIs for Inter-Provider Automation

On-boarding and service provisioning: two topics that can spoil an otherwise great day for service providers. Why? Because enterprises demand agility and speed—demands that are difficult to deliver in multi-provider services. MEF’s goal is to make inter-provider business and orchestration frictionless and that takes a combination of common services language (e.g. MEF 3.0 service standards) and automation (e.g. MEF 3.0 LSO APIs).

LSO Sonata & LSO Interlude

MEF’s East-West APIs, more formally called MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata and LSO Interlude, provide the framework, resulting standards, and SDKs to develop APIs that automate inter-provider business and orchestration.

These East-West APIs support the federation of multiple providers across both business and operational elements to deliver a unified customer experience for the enterprise.

Frictionless Automation of Inter-Provider Business and Orchestration Layers

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LSO Sonata

The LSO Sonata interface and its APIs address the business-to-business layer of inter-provider interactions, like quoting, ordering, and inventory.

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LSO Interlude

The LSO Interlude interface and its APIs address the service-orchestration layer of inter-provider interactions, including performance, state, and dynamic control.

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