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Building Dynamic Third Network Services Powered By CE 2.0, LSO, SDN & NFV


Johannesburg – June 9, 2016

Following the introduction of very successful seminars in 2015, we are excited to offer an expanded seminar program for 2016, with more cities, many new topical areas and content reflecting the significant evolution of the network services market experienced in 2015 and projected for 2016!

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) provides a framework for the development, delivery, and certification of state-of-the-art standardized services. Industry-wide, we continue to see robust growth for the global Carrier Ethernet services market, which analysts estimate will exceed $50 billion in 2016. Major service providers are expanding CE 2.0 coverage, improving end-to-end capabilities and SLAs for both on and off-net constructed services. Numerous small to medium size providers are joining the community of standardized CE 2.0 access service providers.

Concurrently, we are witnessing exciting activities related to the multi-year transformation of the CE market from a pre-defined connectivity model toward a software-driven model in which Third Network services provides a dynamic, cloud-like experience with user-directed control over network resources. This transition begins with CE 2.0 certified services as the foundation upon which to build dynamic connectivity services powered by LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration), SDN, and NFV.

Internally at MEF and together with SDOs and Open Source partners, numerous new works are underway to achieve our Third Network goals. Many of these and other industry developments were recently debated and demonstrated at MEF's flagship GEN15 event, with 35 countries and 250+ organizations participating. The MEF Seminars 2016: Building Dynamic Third Network Services Powered By CE 2.0, LSO, SDN & NFV are regional micro-events that brings leading subject matter experts to locations around the globe to educate participants on industry trends and developments. Emphasis is on the preparation that service providers should consider to establish a solid CE 2.0 platform in support of new value-added innovations.



Thursday, June 9, 2016 – 9:00 – 14:55


Session Title



9:00 Registration Opens    
10:00 Opening Remarks Welcome, Objectives and Agenda Overview Gary Williams
MEF EMEA marketing co-chair & Business Development
Microsemi & Carrier Ethernet Academy
10:10 MEF Strategy and Market Trends
  • Overview of the work of the MEF including:
    • Carrier Ethernet 2.0 is the foundation for service innovation
    • LSO is the critical enabler of automated & virtualized networks built with SDN & NFV
    • Layer 3 IP & higher layer service definitions
    • Open source initiatives
    • Expanded certification program
  • Introduction to strategic MEF industry-wide activities
    • UNITE and the SDOs
    • Ethernet Interconnect Points
    • MEF Services Interconnect Program
    • MEF Certified Professionals
  • Overview of the global market for CE 2.0 services - trends, growth opportunities, globalization initiatives
Daniel Bar-Lev
Director Certification and Strategic Programs
10:40 MEF's Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Reference Architecture and Framework The LSO Reference Architecture and Framework defines the management and control layered reference architecture and the framework that characterizes the domains and management entities required to enable cooperative LSO capabilities for connectivity services. The framework also provides high level use cases describing orchestrated connectivity service behavior as well as interactions among management and control entities. The management and control reference points that characterize interactions between LSO management ecosystem components are identified in the framework. This session will provide the definition of LSO, its related information and APIs and how SDOs and Open Source projects are collaborating to make Third Network Services a reality. Janine Rebelo
Head of Global Ethernet Product Development
11:10 Break
11:25 Capturing the Wholesale Ethernet Interconnect Market with CE 2.0 Services

Widely deployed CE 2.0 networking fabrics are the foundation upon which to build Third Network services. While expanding upon extensive specifications, operational frameworks, and CE 2.0 certification programs, the MEF is also advancing important initiatives like the Ethernet Interconnect Points (EIP) Project and MEF Services Interconnect (MEF-SI) Program that streamline deployment of fully-featured interconnections between different service providers to maximize coverage of Third Network-ready infrastructure.

This session will cover the global deployment trends and services development initiatives with regards to CE 2.0 Service Lifecycle Process model with new specifications, implementation guides and certification programs. It will cover the different CE 2.0 service types, functionalities and attributes. Finally, it will present the E-Transit and OVC Services as the new Wholesale Ethernet game-changer.
Gary Williams
MEF EMEA marketing co-chair & Business Development
Microsemi & Carrier Ethernet Academy
11:50 Interactive Discussion Panel - CE 2.0 Services in EMEA; Retail & Wholesale Growth Opportunities This panel will discuss CE 2.0 services in the region and growth opportunities. This session will be an interactive discussion where the attendees will be polled and have the opportunity to pose questions to panelists.


Gary Williams
MEF EMEA marketing co-chair & Business Development
Microsemi & Carrier Ethernet Academy


Jacques Klopper
Solutions Architect

Janine Rebelo
Head of Global Ethernet Product Development

Ntando Dhlamini
Product Portfolio Manager

Robert Marston
Head of Product
12:30 Lunch
13:30 MEF Certification Update

This presentation will cover the new developments in MEF professionals, services and equipment certification programs. Highlights of this presentation include:

  • MEF Professional Certification Program
    • MEF-CECP (Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional)
    • Potential MEF-C3 (Core Concepts Certification)
  • MEF Equipment and Services Certification Program
    • Program description
    • Program roadmap
Thomas Mandeville
Operations Director
14:00 Orchestrated Network Services with LSO, SDN and NFV

As Service Providers accelerate the deployment of dynamic services, automation that spans multiple Operator domains becomes mandatory to achieve scalability that includes off-net locations. This automation depends on standardization of Information Models, Operational Threads and Interface Profiles based on real-world use cases and Service Provider implementation strategies. This presentation explains how MEF builds these use cases - including serviceability, ordering, performance reporting, resource provisioning and many others - based on Service Provider expertise and integrates them using the latest modeling approaches to define the processes and APIs that Service Providers and Operators can use to interconnect in a fully automated fashion.

This is an essential introduction for anyone that is involved in transitioning Service Providers to a position of service delivery within minutes, rather than months, using partner networks.
Daniel Bar-Lev
Director Certification and Strategic Programs
14:25 Interactive Discussion Session – Multi-operator services

Multi-operator services: The immediate market opportunities enabled by orchestration

This interactive session will discuss multi-operator services and the immediate market opportunities enabled by orchestration. This session will be an interactive discussion where the attendees will be polled and have the opportunity provide their view on Multi-operator services.
Daniel Bar-Lev
Director Certification and Strategic Programs
14:40 Closing Remarks and Questions   Gary Williams
MEF EMEA marketing co-chair & Business Development
Microsemi & Carrier Ethernet Academy
14:55 Close




MEF Third Network Vision White Paper
MEF Third Network Lifecycle Service Orchestration Vision White Paper
MEF Services Interconnect Program Brochure
Opening Remarks, presented by Gary Williams
MEF Strategy and Market Trends, presented by Daniel Bar-Lev
MEF's Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Reference Architecture and Framework, presented by Janine Rebelo
Capturing the Wholesale Ethernet Interconnect Market with CE 2.0 Services, presented by Gary Williams
CE 2.0 Services in EMEA; Retail & Wholesale Growth Opportunities, moderated by Gary Williams
MEF Certification Update, presented by Thomas Mandeville
Orchestrated Network Services with LSO, SDN and NFV, presented by Daniel Bar-Lev
Multi-operator services, moderated by Daniel Bar-Lev
Closing Remarks and Questions, presented by Gary Williams



New Dynamic & Assured Third Network Services Powered By LSO
MEF Third Network Vision Based on Network as a Service Principles
MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration – Enabling Third Network Services
Differentiating Your Wholesale Ethernet Services in a Changing Market
Mastering the Paradigm Shift - New Professional Certification from the MEF



Embracing the Third Network - with Nan Chen, MEF President
Defining LSO, SDN & NFV - with Axel Clauberg, Deutsche Telekom AG
Defining LSO, SDN & NFV - with Jack Pugaczewshi, CenturyLink
Lance Hassan, Time Warner Comminications, speaks on MEF Professional Certification


Daniel Bar-Lev
Director of Certification & Strategic Programs, MEF

Since 2011, Daniel has been responsible for developing and expanding the MEF's very successful CE 2.0 Services and Equipment certification programs and the MEF-CECP Professionals Certification program. He oversees all aspects of the programs including new item development, development of new infrastructure capabilities, publication of reference materials, exam delivery, MEF Accredited Training Providers and MEF Subject Matter Experts. During his tenure, the MEF-CECP Community has grown from zero to over 3,200 certified professionals in 72 countries and 350 organizations, as well as the CE 2.0 certification program that has grown from zero to over 90 certified service providers and equipment vendors around the globe.

In addition, Daniel works with the membership on developing and rolling out strategic programs such as UNITE, the MEF Services Interconnect program and the Ethernet Internet Points project, as well as leading the requirements and development program of the MEF's online CRM and collaboration platforms based on SalesForce and Atlassian Confluence.

Daniel has been involved specifically in the networking industry for over 20 years holding a variety of positions in RAD Data Communications, as well as co-founding Resolute Networks where he held executive positions and which he represented in the MEF, serving for 3 years as Global Marketing Co-Chair and being elected three times to the MEF Board of Directors.

Ntando Dhlamini
Product Portfolio Manager, Neotel

Ntando S Dhlamini joined Neotel in 2013, she has worked in the telecoms industry for more than ten years. She holds a Master’s degree from Cornel University with key focus In Network Optimization and a minor in Sustainable Global Enterprises. Prior to joining Neotel, Ntando was a procurement specialist at SAB and a Manager for Specific Design Project Management. She holds the Top Gun status for Neotel CECP 2.0.

Jacques Klopper
Solutions Architect, InfoVista

With more than 15 years of industry experience in service and performance assurance for communications service providers (CSPs), Jacques has advocated assurance best practices for several large Southern African and Middle Eastern global telecommunications firms. Supporting critical network projects through various OSS transformations and product launches, Jacques ensures maximum monetisation of CSP’s business services offerings. Most recently, Jacques has been focusing on advanced business services that help CSPs move up the stack into the application layer to empower their enterprise customers and enhance the value of their business services. Jacques is based in Pretoria and carries a BSc. in Computer Science degree from University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Janine Rebelo
Head of Global Ethernet Product Development, Vodafone

Janine currently heads up Global Ethernet product development at Vodafone Group Enterprise Services, which offers high capacity Carrier Ethernet services over Packet Optical and OTN platforms in Italy, Germany, UK, Europe and APAC. Previous to this role, she was responsible for Enterprise Access Services at Vodacom, developing a multi-bearer portfolio over a 6 year period, from Vodacom Business’s inception in 2008. Initial deployments included national Carrier Ethernet services over fibre, packet Microwave, as well as various other access services over Long range WiFi, Satellite, FTTX and sub- marine fibre optic cable systems such as WACS, EASSY . Janine obtained CECP certifications in 2013 and 2016 and has a BCOM economics and BCOM honours business finance degrees from the University of South Africa; she also received industry awards from both the FTTH council Africa and MEF last year.

Thomas Mandeville

Thomas Mandeville joined Iometrix in 2007 and has extensive knowledge of the MEF certification program from a technical, operational and administrative perspective. In his role as Director of Operations he works closely with vendors and service providers members seeking certification.

Robert Marston
Head of Product, Seacom

Robert holds a BSC (Eng) Electrical and Computer as well as an MSC (Eng) Electrical from the University of Cape Town. He joined Telkom South Africa after university where he worked as an Engineer in the element management section before moving to SEACOM in 2010 to a commercial role in the product team. He currently heads up the Product group at SEACOM where he is responsible for development and management of connectivity, cloud and valued added services for the service provider.





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