Televerse DAO

Decentralized platform for quoting and ordering between an unlimited number of service providers without the overhead of many-to-many API integrations and without relying on a single third party with transparent objective proof-based reputation.

Project Red Forest

Service providers participating in the ‘Televerse’ DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to streamline discovery of assets during dynamic service builds through the use of price graphs and smart contracts.


The growth of on-demand service offerings from telecoms that comprise component services from multiple partners is highlighting the severe limitations of today’s manual approach to checking availability and pricing of supplier offerings. One example of this is the need of service providers to find the optimal path for Carrier Ethernet circuits that span multiple operators. Requesting information from all the possible suppliers of ENNIs (External Network to Network Interface) their available capacity and pricing is too slow and cumbersome to meet the needs of the enterprise customer of the circuit.

Newly available blockchain technology and the even newer concept of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) formed by groups of collaborating suppliers using smart contracts and tokenomics for governance together offer a radically new approach to sharing sensitive commercial information in real time with trusted partners about resources that can be transacted between them.

This blog introduces the use of DAOs to enable telecoms to increase the utilization of their ENNIs on the one hand, and to create optimal circuit offerings for enterprise customers on the other.

In The Spotlight

Decentralizing Telecom Services Using Blockchains and DAOs

Who benefits from this project?

Service providers that want to sell idle connectivity capacity dynamically and automatically to trusted partners.


DAOs like this one will enable telecoms to do business in a much more effective manner.


The 'Expedia' experience where end users can plan their flight routes online. The same should be possible for both enterprises and retail service providers planning connectivity services spanning multiple operators.

Near Future

Milestone in LA

Action Needed

Increase the number of participants in the DAO.

Without This Project

Significant on-demand services and their revenues will not be available to telecoms holding back the industry and relegating telecoms to a secondary role in the digital transformation of enterprises in all geographies.

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