Trusted Location Services

Service providers delivering trusted zero knowledge location services to non-telco ecoystems such as finance and insurance.

Project Sound Eye

Knowing whether an object is within a geofence or outside it is becoming increasingly valuable in many use cases including SASE/Zero Trust, inventory audits and IoT track and trace. However, because knowledge of location, even of non-human entities, is a privacy matter and often covered by regulation, the ability to prove the location within a geofence or outside it without sharing the actual location is increasingly important. This project is developing solutions for zero-knowledge location services that can be offered by telecoms to multiple industries including automotive, insurance and finance.


The ability to deliver trusted location services under zero knowledge constraints will have applicability in many industries and use cases, not least services like SASE based on Zero Trust principles.


This project was initiated as the result of a need among lenders in the automotive industry who loan tens of billions of US Dollars to dealerships in the United States each year, and rely on third party physical audits floorplans of around 18,000 dealerships each month. The cost and logistical complexity of verifying the location of high value secured assets like vehicles across the country led to the creation of this project to replace physical auditing with remote auditing using trusted location services.

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