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Network Foundations certification validates individuals’ concept-level understanding of key modern networking terms, processes, and elements. Knowledge and practice domains include SDN, NFV, Connectivity Services/CE, LSO/Orchestration, and use cases in these domains.  Available now!

Networking Foundations (MEF-NF) Certification Exam

Developed by leading subject matter experts in Carrier Ethernet, SDN, NVF, orchestration, security and other industry-significant technologies, this new certification is geared toward the marketing or technical sales professional working in a support role for an organization either providing or consuming modern network services (enterprise data centers, carrier managers, network operations center, etc.). These individuals want to secure their place in a rapidly evolving network environment. The complexities and dependencies in these new networking technologies need to be adequately understood and leveraged for the success of the business.

Sales, marketing, and support personnel are discovering that in order to succeed in their career, they must be conversant in a wide variety of vendor-neutral concepts and terminology. Another audience for this certification are those networking practitioners who have limited their skills validation to vendor-specific traditional networking technologies (Cisco, Juniper, HP, etc.), and have not become familiar with network virtualization and its software-driven derivatives. They need to learn technologies like SDN, NVF, orchestration, security for virtualized networks, and other advanced, vendor-neutral technologies that are transforming the network of today and tomorrow. Increasingly, there is a game of “musical chairs” in the networking staffs of enterprise data centers and carriers, and only those professionals who can combine vendor-specific skills with vendor-neutral savvy in these new technologies will be retained.

For the millions of networking engineers and managers who manage traditional networks, these changes are driving them back to the classroom, and a massive “upskilling” is currently taking place. For those IT practitioners who are pursuing more advanced skills validation, the Network Foundations certification is the base for more advanced MEF certifications at the professional level.


Availability, Training & Pricing

The MEF Network Foundations exam (MEF-NF)  is designed to validate conceptual knowledge of Third Network  technologies and solutions.  It is comprised of 60 questions with a sit time of 80 minutes.

The MEF-NF exam is available now!

The MEF-NF exam is $350.00 for each certification attempt.  We impose a limit to 4 exam attempts within a 6 month period.  This is to encourage additional study prior to more exam attempts.  Exam re-takes are $100.00 for each certification attempt.

Education materials and training

  • Exam Blueprint - The MEF-NF exam blueprint is a study aid used for self-study and by third party trainers.
  • Training Courses - MEF relies on it's third party training providers and producers of learning content in a variety of formats (printed text as a book, materials for trainers and students, and a variety of e-learning software) to cover the domain aspects of Network Foundations.
  • Onsite Training - Provided by MEF Accredited Training Partners

Sitting for the exam

The MEF-NF is a live proctored exam given in person at specific locations approved by the MEF and MEF Accredited Training Providers.  Alternatively, the exam may be taken remotely from home or office utilizing the MEF approved proctoring service.  Additional fees may apply.


Benefits to Corporations

  • The Network Foundation exam provides the base level knowledge marketing and technical sales professionals require to support their corporate strategy
  • Increases in productivity are gained giving access to and certifying employees on MEF and industry-related definitions and standards
  • Reduce product development and sales cycle time, eliminate errors in translating required features specifications
  • Increase revenue through improved communications on how product features deliver or enhance service and equipment
  • Improve communication between internal organizational teams with a defined common language
  • Instill employee confidence with an industry-respected accreditation that recognizes valuable Carrier Ethernet, SDN, NVF, orchestration, security, knowledge and skill sets
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Eliminate the need to learn 3rd party product details by focusing on industry-wide technology, terminology and concepts


Benefits to individuals

  • Increase opportunities for career advancement and increased earnings
  • Demonstrate knowledge, experience and competency, validated through certification, to employers and the industry
  • Join an elite set of professionals and thought leaders who have proven expertise in Carrier Ethernet
  • Demonstrate commitment to professional development, and overall dedication to the industry
  • Gain significant contacts through networking
  • Demonstrate technical prowess leading to increased on-the-job performance

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