MEF 90.1 Draft Release 1 SD-WAN Phase 2 Test and Certification Requirements

2022 May

Primary Resource for: SD-WAN, SD-WAN Certification

Product Portfolio: SD-WAN Certification, SD-WAN

Standard Type: Test Requirements & Abstract Test Suites


These Test and Certification Requirements are the basis for development and maintenance of the MEF Authorized Certification Test Partner (ACTP) SD-WAN Certification Test Plan which is outlined in a companion document to MEF 90.1 Draft (R1).

Supporting Materials:

This MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Phase 2 Test and Certification Requirements document specifies the testable and not testable requirements for the service attributes, functions and capabilities defined in the MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Service Attributes and Service Framework Standard (MEF 70.1 SD-WAN Service Attributes and Service Framework).

As such, this document is an important aid to service providers and technology solution providers to prepare for successful completion of the conformance certification of their implementation and products in accordance with MEF 70.1.

MEF 70.1 defines the standardization of the service level agreement between the SD-WAN service provider and SD-WAN subscriber, which is crucially important for accelerating the market adoption of SD-WAN services. MEF 90.1 Draft Release 1 attests to the service providers ability to offer a standardized SD-WAN service.

MEF 70, and the update to it in the form of MEF 70.1, is the first industry standard definition of an SD-WAN service. It provides an important basis for service providers and technology solution providers to differentiate their service offerings from those of their competitors who may be loosely using the description “SD-WAN” to their customers in a new but rapidly emerging market. 

The test requirements in this document are defined according to the MEF 70.1 specification and determine the conformance of the externally visible behavior of an SD-WAN service to MEF 70.1.

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