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LSO APIs for Frictionless Customer Experience

Business velocity—two words practically inseparable in the context of enterprise digital transformation. Enterprises are continuously pressured to increase the velocity demanded to grow, to compete, and to profit.

MEF’s Enterprise APIs focus on the enterprise’s need for a frictionless digital experience when interfacing with its service provider to access the digital resources they need—be they cloud-based, connectivity-oriented, or application-focused, whether located locally, remotely, globally, at the core or at the edge of a network.

LSO Cantata & LSO Allegro

MEF’s Enterprise APIs, more formally called MEF 3.0 LSO Cantata and LSO Allegro, provide the framework, resulting standards, and SDKs to develop APIs that automate enterprise-to-service-provider services orchestration.

Together with the rest of the LSO APIs and framework, these APIs enable an enterprise to communicate their ICT intent through an automated process realized across the underlying network-based resources packaged by their service provider—a truly frictionless experience.

Frictionless Access to ICT Services delivered by the Digital Service Provider

Enterprise API

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LSO Cantata

The LSO Cantata interface and APIs facilitate interactions between the enterprise (the customer application coordinator) and the business applications’ layer of the service provider’s domain. The interface handles interactions like quoting, ordering, and inventory of the available MEF services standards provided to the enterprise.

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LSO Allegro

The LSO Allegro interface and APIs allow enterprise customer supervision and management of the service capabilities, provided through the service provider’s service orchestration functionality, supporting the subscribed MEF services.

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