Inter-Provider APIs

East-West APIs for dynamic inter-provider service automation.

LSO APIs for Inter-Provider Automation

On-boarding and service provisioning: two topics that can spoil an otherwise great day for service providers. Why? Because enterprises demand agility and speed—demands that are difficult to deliver in multi-provider services. MEF’s goal is to make inter-provider business and orchestration frictionless and that takes a combination of common services language (e.g. MEF 3.0 service standards) and automation (e.g. MEF 3.0 LSO APIs).

LSO Sonata & LSO Interlude

MEF’s East-West APIs, more formally called MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata and LSO Interlude, provide the framework, resulting standards, and SDKs to develop APIs that automate inter-provider business and orchestration.

These East-West APIs support the federation of multiple providers across both business and operational elements to deliver a unified customer experience for the enterprise.

Frictionless Automation of Inter-Provider Business and Orchestration Layers

Security Standards for LSO APIs

Security standards for LSO APIs will provide a framework for service providers to engage in secure, automated commercial transactions for all functions at the API level, such as ordering, inventory, and billing. The new MEF W128 standard in development will define security standards to perform authentication and authorization between the LSO API provider and customer.

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LSO Sonata

The LSO Sonata interface and its APIs address the business-to-business layer of inter-provider interactions, like quoting, ordering, and inventory.

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LSO Interlude

The LSO Interlude interface and its APIs address the service-orchestration layer of inter-provider interactions, including performance, state, and dynamic control.

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