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Third Network as a Service for Individuals

  • Performance & security assured, on-demand, pay as you go services available at your home, hotel and anywhere with wired or wireless coverage

For anyone who ever went on a business trip or worked at home, imagine that just by connecting, your required performance profile is loaded, a high performance network connection is automatically setup - and you are ready for business. With the Third Network, performance-assured network experience is delivered to millions of users enabling enormous market potential. A truly exciting prospect for all stakeholders.

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Third Network as a Service for Cloud Consumers

  • Orchestrated delivery of Cloud applications via on-demand, performance-assured, secure, MEF services

With the Third Network, Cloud service delivery will be seamless with on-demand network services that interconnect user locations to their virtual machines or Virtual Network Functions running on blade servers inside a remote data center. Automated inter-carrier service orchestration manages connectivity inside and outside the data center.

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Third Network as a Service for Businesses

  • On demand connectivity services seamlessly across multiple providers

CE 2.0 has already extended business class networking across the globe, but it can still take some time for assured connectivity to be delivered, especially when multiple providers are involved. The Third Network will deliver dynamic business class network services on demand, across multi-carrier networks, initiated by end-users, cloud applications or service providers directly.

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