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SASE - Getting an Edge on SD-WAN

What You’ll Learn

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has become one of the hottest topics in the industry. Here, SD-WAN meets security, delivered in a cloud-centric offering. Join world-leading service and technology experts to explore the latest developments and opportunities within SASE. Explore how SASE shifts the focus in the enterprise from site-centric to user-centric security—taking into account that the user can be anything (human, IoT, etc.) and anywhere. Discover how SASE can maximize the availability of high-performance edges (e.g., PoPs) and security clouds by distributing security and network functions away from the enterprise data centers. Get up to speed on the latest developments in SASE service standardization.

MEF 3.0 PoC Award Winners Announced During the Episode!

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Episode Segments

Host’s Edge View: Welcome by Host Jeff Civillico


Executives in Conversation: Jeremy Wubs, SVP, Marketing – Bell Business Markets, Bell Canada, Interviewed by Mauricio Sanchez, Dell’Oro


Executives in Conversation: Shena Seneca Tharnish, VP, Cybersecurity Product Management, Comcast Business Interviewed by Ron Westfall, Senior Analyst & Research Director, Futurum


Pushing the Edge: Analysts’ Corner: Market Insights from Ron Westfall, Futurum, and Mauricio Sanchez, Dell’Oro


MEF Perspectives: Standardizing SASE Services: Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF with Co-Editors of MEF W117 SASE Services Definition: Neil Danilowicz, Principal Architect, Versa Networks, and Daniel Bar-Lev, VP Strategic Programs, MEF



Deep Dive:  Addressing Customer Needs: It’s Time to Align on SASE


The SASE concept combines network connectivity, security functions, and subscriber policies to meet the needs of modern enterprise users who increasingly are accessing business systems outside corporate walls and beyond corporate data centers. The potential for SASE is huge, but industry players need to align on common SASE terminology and concepts to realize full market potential. Attend this session to explore SASE’s value in helping customers achieve key business objectives in challenging work-from-anywhere, multi-cloud, and hybrid networking environments. Examine factors impacting market adoption of SASE, discover the value of standardized SASE services, dive into key components of a SASE architecture, and gain insight on the road ahead for testing and potentially certifying SASE solutions.

Deep Dive:  SD-WAN & SASE:  Playing Well Together


SASE is emerging as a perfect partner for SD-WAN. In this session, join two of the world’s leading providers of MEF 3.0 SD-WAN certified solutions to explore SASE as the natural evolution of SD-WAN. Learn why and how SD-WAN and security are converging and accelerating change and innovation at the network edge. Gain insight into the critical role that SASE services will play in the future of application delivery.

Deep Dive:  Accelerating Service Provider Deployment of SASE Services


SASE provides an excellent opportunity for service providers to strengthen managed services portfolios with solutions optimized for the evolving enterprise workplace, with employees consuming cloud applications from anywhere. In this session, we will examine key issues for service providers to consider on their SASE journey. We will explore characteristics of the SASE market environment, the role that service providers play in providing SASE services, and the steps providers can take to address challenges in rolling out competitive SASE services. We also will examine the potential impact of SASE services on the evolution of SD-WAN, VPN, IoT backhaul, and other services.

Wrap Up with Host Jeff Civillico


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