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SD-WAN & 5G for the Borderless Enterprise

What You’ll Learn

Top service and technology experts will explore the challenges and opportunities for delivering networking solutions that are optimized for a “work from anywhere” world. Speakers will focus on empowering enterprises with combinations of innovative solutions – including SD-WAN, SASE, 5G, and network slicing – that effectively meet the diverse range of connectivity, cloud access, application performance, visibility, control, and security requirements in hybrid networking and multi-cloud environments.

Join the discussion to discover new ways to maximize employee productivity, increase business agility, and gain a competitive edge in this period of dramatic change.

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Episode Segments

Host’s Edge View: Welcome by Host Jon Petz

Executives in Conversation: Will Eborall, Assistant VP, Edge Solutions Product Marketing Management, AT&T Business, Interviewed by Jim Carroll, Converge!

Executives in Conversation: Paul Joyce, EVP, Orange Global Solutions for Business and Asa Tamsons, SVP, Head of Business Area Technologies and New Businesses, Ericsson, Interviewed by Jim Carroll, Converge!

Pushing the Edge: Analysts’ Corner: Market Insights from Erin Dunne, Vertical Systems Group and Roopa Honnachari, Frost & Sullivan

MEF Perspectives: SD-WAN & Network Slicing Debate with MEF Leaders: President Nan Chen (Ericsson), Chairman Aamir Hussain (Verizon), and CTO Pascal Menezes

MEF is playing a leading role in driving growth of the SD-WAN services market through standardization and certification of services, technologies, and professionals. In this session, MEF leaders will share their perspectives on the major aspects of MEF’s SD-WAN work and its relevance to business customers, service providers, and technology vendors. Explore how combining overlay SD-WAN and SASE services with dynamic underlay connectivity services will enable service providers to offer powerful MEF 3.0 hybrid networking solutions with unprecedented user- and application-directed control over network resources and service capabilities. Get up to speed on the latest developments related to SD-WAN interoperability (Universal SD-WAN Edge), end-to-end network slicing with 5G, automation, application security, Zero Trust, SASE, and more. Learn how standardization of network slicing with 5G will enable service providers to provide a frictionless end-to-end experience with guaranteed performance and security from user devices to applications/services, regardless of a user’s location.

Deep Dive: Delivering on SD-WAN Expectations: Application Performance, Visibility, Control & Security

With applications increasingly moving to the cloud and workforce demands rapidly changing at the network edge, enterprises are embracing SD-WAN for many productivity-enhancing benefits, such as: application performance guarantees, centralized visibility & control, security, agility, optimized cloud connectivity, and more.  Join top experts to realistically assess how service providers are delivering on SD-WAN expectations. Explore next generation SD-WAN services that combine any transport (wireline/wireless), any location, and advanced functionalities to provide enterprises maximum agility to respond the changing modes of network consumption. Learn how SD-WAN helps improve application performance and cloud access. Discover how SD-WAN application visibility and control change network design and operation. And learn how to determine the most viable SD-WAN security solutions now and into the future, striking an appropriate balance between security policy and network efficiency goals.

Deep Dive: Evolving SD-WAN as a Transformation Enabler: Virtualization & Automation at the Edge

The ability of SD-WAN service providers to meet quickly changing enterprise needs in today’s transformative environment will depend heavily on their approach to virtualization and automation at the network edge. Real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual network functions are critical for enabling rapid deployment and adoption of services, assuring application and service performance, and opening up new revenue opportunities tied to improved customer experience, agility, control, and security in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Engage with industry-leading expert speakers on the latest developments with virtualization and automation at the edge, including advances in centralized resource management and ground-breaking efforts to standardize APIs for north-south and east-west orchestration of SD-WAN services.

Deep Dive: From SD-WAN to SASE: Assure Me, Secure Me

Evolving business requirements to deliver connectivity to any user on any device, any cloud, and any application demand a digital transformation spanning the distributed edge, data center, and the cloud. The traditional WAN must undergo a drastic change to be part of the new digital foundation enabling transformation. Customers are rapidly adopting a new Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture model that combines network connectivity and security functions with subscriber policies to meet a higher level of performance and assurance required by modern enterprises. Engage with leading technology experts to learn how customers can take SD-WAN to the next level with SASE while validating SD-WAN implementations for improved performance, visibility, bandwidth allocation, and secured application policy enforcement. Also discover the reassuring value of certified MEF 3.0 SD-WAN service and technology solutions and learn about emerging standards work on security testing and certification.

Wrap Up with Host Jon Petz

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