Episode 9: 15 September 2021

Cybersecurity Services: Is My Network Secure?

What You’ll Learn

A more connected world is a double-edged sword. Most industry and public attention has been focused over the last few decades on the “upside” of a connected world.

More recently, published accounts of successful, sophisticated cyberattacks are highlighting that our hyperconnected world is transitioning to more vulnerable networks and increasingly exposed end points. Examples involving nefarious actors targeting hospitals, major oil pipelines, and power grids with ransomware. Communication service providers will increasingly be asked “Is my network secure?”

This Infinite Edge episode will explore how MEF standardization in cybersecurity enables service providers to offer robust answers to that question, with high-value, secure services on which customers rely.

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Host’s Edge View: Welcome by Jeff Civillico

KEYNOTE: The Road to Cybersecurity Through Industry Standards

Join us to hear a leading industry expert share perspectives on: (1) the massive market shift created by security moving to the edge, and (2) the growing importance of security standards and certification.

Dave Larson, General Manager and Chief Technology Officer, Spirent Communications

PUSHING THE EDGE ANALYSTS’ CORNER:  Protecting Against Enterprise as well as Telecom Security Vulnerabilities

Patrick Donegan of HardenStance interviewed by Stan Hubbard

MEF PERSPECTIVES: Cybersecurity for the Digital Economy

Global cybercrime will cost trillions of dollars in the next few years. If the digital economy is going to be successful, then cybersecurity must be part of any enterprise’s digital transformation journey. In this session, listen to MEF’s CTO describe what cybersecurity projects MEF is working on that enables service providers worldwide to deliver novel, revenue generating managed cybersecurity services to the market, including securing MEF’s automation APIs.

DEEP DIVE:  What Role Does Security Play in Digital Transformation?

Join world-leading experts to explore the role of security in digital transformation. How should enterprises view security within their overall digital transformation strategy? How can security teams keep up with the speed of transformation? What new security threats are emerging, and what can be done to effectively address these threats? How do you measure return on investment in security? We’ll answer these questions and more!


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