Episode 6: OnDemand

Episode 6: Federations for Digital Transformation

What You’ll Learn

The days of vanilla connectivity services are gone. In their stead, we see service providers offer increasingly complex and dynamic services combining connectivity, compute and storage with low latency and high levels of security. However, no one service provider has every single components of such services in its own inventory and so they will buy them from a wide range of partners in a very large, heterogeneous and competitive ecosystem.

This Infinite Edge episode explores how that ecosystem is built upon a federation of trusted and interconnected partners that can participate in complex service supply chains that deliver a multitude of cloud-based services in minutes rather than months.

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Episode Segments

HOST’S EDGE VIEW: Welcome by Host Jon Petz


The Evolution of Alliances

Join Jason McGee-Abe, Publisher & Commercial Editor, Capacity,  Chris Ballinger Founder & Co-Director, MOBI & Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer, MEF

KEYNOTE: Paul Gampe, Chief Technology Officer, PCCW Global

Automation and Agile Drive Transformation

MEF PERSPECTIVES : Daniel Bar-Lev, VP Strategic Programs, Business Development EMEA, MEF

Federations and Supply Chains

How MEF’s work in defining LSO APIs and Smart Bilaterals is enabling Digital Service Providers to transact with a wide range of partners to create high value, complex digital products in real-time.


Market Insights

A dialogue with Rosemary Cochran, Vertical Systems Group & Rick Talbot, ACG Research


Evolving Infrastructures

Infrastructures are evolving towards an Intelligent Network Platform to enable businesses to keep pace in a hyper connected, Cloud-native world. What is needed to create dynamic partner ecosystems that enable new platform B2B2X business models?


Standardization for Intercarrier Automation

Digital Service Providers are increasingly providing complex, on-demand products using frictionless supply chains across multiple ecosystems to support its customers’ digital transformation. DSPs are concretely building platforms supporting orchestrated services, multi-cloud diversity and software defined networks. These platforms will rely over time on a whole suite of standardized APIs supporting inter-carrier automation. It’s not just connectivity but a complex set of components needed to deliver an application to an end user.

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